Scam Economy
48: Bitcoin Miners Are Making Bank...But Not From Mining Crypto (w/ Jackie Sawicky)
March 27, 2023
What happens when one of the biggest cryptocurrency mining companies in the world sets up shop in your small rural American town? Jacky Sawicky, founder of the Concerned Citizens for Navarro County and a member of the NCAC: National Coalition Against CryptoMining, joins Scam Economy with Matt Binder to tell us exactly what happened when Riot Platforms brought their Bitcoin mining operation to her Texas town. Jackie breaks down how it went occurred, the sweetheart backroom deals that went on between the mining company and local and state government, how the crypto mining company has affected the locals, the unbelievable way in which crypto mining companies make most of their money (and it's not from mining crypto), how this is a widespread problem happening throughout the U.S., what's being done about it, and much, much more. Visit: Support the show: Sources: