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Amazon PPC
March 15, 2019
Amazon PPC
Session Videos:

Clip 1 Amazon PPC Strategies Intro
Clip 2 Targeting Competitors: ASIN with PPC
Clip 3 What Is PPC?
Clip 4 How PPC Works
Clip 5 Difference of Impression and Sponsored
Clip 6 Why People Fail In PPC
Clip 7 Why PPC Works
Clip 8 Optimized Listings for PPC
Clip 9 Maximum Number of Keywords
Clip 10 Who Picks Keywords?
Clip 11 More Sales In Manual Campaign
Clip 12 Making The Most Out of PPC
Clip 13 Key Terms To Understand
Clip 14 Manual Campaign
Clip 15 Negative Keywords
Clip 16 Long Tail Keywords
Clip 17 Calculating ACOS
Clip 18 Seller SEO Tools
Clip 19 When Is Competition Too Much
Clip 20 Helping Families
Clip 21 Seller SEO Over Other Tools
Clip 22 Amazon Changing Category
Clip 23 What To Sell on Amazon

This episode is filled with a ton of answers Including how to manage stock-outs and tips and tricks for sourcing great products.

Things we mention in episode 3 of SRT:
PPC Dominator:

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