How to Energize Your Life—with Joanne Neweduk
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How to Energize Your Life—with Joanne Neweduk
March 22, 2021
Wellness innovator, Joanne Neweduk, truly walks the talk. Joanne is committed to making a positive difference in changing societal attitudes on aging and is the owner and creative director for Fabulous Health and Fabulous at 50.

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Wellness innovator, Joanne Neweduk, truly walks the talk. She boldly embraced her own personal journey to self-discovery and has positively transformed her life on every level.  Joanne is the Founder of FabulousHealth and oversees the global operations for Fabulous at 50, a welcoming community of women celebrating a new chapter together. As an oncology nurse, an integrative practitioner in multiple healing practices, life-skills mentor, and manager, Joanne moves people from challenging situations to positive outcomes through the use of her innate gifts and learned skills. Joanne can show you how to run with your dreams because she is a woman who runs with hers.

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Colleen coaches clients and leads workshops training people to develop an impactful personal brand that is strengthened by incorporating wardrobe, emotional intelligence, and body language.

In 30 days or less, Colleen teaches women how to take the “guessing out of dressing” so that they will look incredible and feel confident every day of their life.

The founder of the Total Image Institute, Colleen is a former on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel turned Executive Image Consultant and Personal Brand strategist, coach, and mentor. She helps women craft their personal brand through their clothing choices, manners, and poise to build self-confidence and empower success — because people WILL judge you in less than 7 seconds based solely on what they see!

Clothing choices — What clothing choices are best for your body type, personal coloring, personal style, and the message you want to send? Because different colors, different prints, different patterns, and even pointy-toed shoes all send a specific message.

Body Language skills — learned from an FBI profiler.

Writing and Book publishing — as a best-selling author, Colleen also teaches writing and book publishing.

In front of a camera for over 40 years — first as a model, as Miss Michigan National Teen-Ager, an On-Camera Meteorologist at the Weather Channel, and as an anchor and a reporter. Colleen coaches people on being in front of the camera, and how to produce professional LIVE programming here:

Colleen teaches you how! “The Perfect Closet: Building Your Ideal (and Unique!) LIFETIME Capsule Wardrobe”:

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