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Amazon Private Label Growth Hacking Your Amazon Seller Business With Davide Nicolucci - Part 2
April 6, 2021
Amazon Private Label Growth Hacking Your Amazon Seller Business With Davide Nicolucci - Part 2 Today on this Seller Round Table extra we're talking with Davide Nicolucci from We Are Growth Hack about all things 2021, Entrepreneurship, and LIFE. Part 1 Part 2 Things we mention in this session of Seller Round Table: Blog about China Sellers His Website Youtube Join us every Tuesday at 1:00 PM PST for Live Q&A and Bonus Content at Try the greatest Amazon seller tools on the planet free for 30 days at
Things we discussed in this episode:

[00:00:01] spk_0: Welcome to the [00:00:02] spk_2: seller roundtable e [00:00:03] spk_0: commerce coaching and business strategies [00:00:05] spk_2: with and er not [00:00:06] spk_0: and amy Wiis exactly. It is, it is, you know, thinking for the long term thinking for what is really good for yourself. And I see these kind of mistakes everywhere all the time. I mean we could talk about amazon business people who entrepreneurs who don't really know how to plan their money or the stock or whatever their product launch, they don't know anything. I mean it happens but any kind of business because for example, okay, I'm also working in the night life, I'm a DJ if you want to, you know, for example, open a new part or you know, starting investing on advertising or something, you need to have a certain budget to spend because, you know, especially in times right now, I mean we're lucky in Thailand because bars are still open but in the rest of the world they're not open, but but here it's really easy right now to lose money because these times are very uncertain, you know? So it's uh I would say that being an entrepreneur makes me see the world in a very, very different way and it's um I would say it's a very responsible way and it's more detached from what other people might think, and I mean, you know, your worth and you know what you can do exactly as you were saying, you could probably make business with any people, any kind of business and it's just, you know who you are. [00:01:26] spk_1: Yes, and that's such a beautiful thing, like when you when you get there and you're like, you know, I I always warn new entrepreneurs about this because when you do make that leap into full time entrepreneurship and I think this happens to a lot of us so many doors open instantly for you And it's almost too many doors at one time, I own five companies and I was like, I can't I can't I can't do all of these things well. But sometimes, you know, we see these people who have already made it and they're doing all these things and we don't think about what it took to get them there right, And all the things that you guys, when you take that full time leave it, all these doors are gonna, people are going to come out of the woodwork, people activities are going to come out of the woodwork and you're gonna be like, oh my gosh, I want to collaborate with them, I want to do something with them, I want to do something with them. You know, some of us are staying away from clubhouse right now because we're like, oh, it's too good, there's too many good people on there, I can't do it, I have too much on my plate, you know? So it's it's a balance, but it's a beautiful thing because it's like you suddenly let go of the old of where you were kind of like competing and you cared about like, you're worried about what people think of you and you move into this other thing where it's like, okay, these, this is these are my people, this is a group of people who are facing their fears who are moving forward, who are they're the creators, they're the builders there. It's just the innovators that they are the legacy builders for the future. And now you're part of that group. So suddenly it's like, it's so connected compared to the old life of just reporting to work every day, right? And yeah, when you bond with people, you're just instantly like, okay, let's do something together. You know? And so it's hard because you want to start businesses with everybody, but you have to balance that, you have to balance that and you have to kind of go, okay, who do I joint venture with, who do I do something fun with, who do I help promote? And we just, just hang out who's good to be in my network and then who is it that needs to be a partner or maybe not, Maybe you're not a partnership kind of person, but either way, like all of us have that kind of self discovery phase, it's like being reborn as an entrepreneur, right? I love that. So let's get into, you know, we have, we could probably both of us can probably tell so many amazon seller stories, but let's let's end today with talking about this article that you did on trends because you reached out to all the who's who in the industry myself included. I felt very, very nice for you asking me to be part of that and you wrote this in depth article, tiny article for you of what was going on. And you asked, it was a lot of people wrote articles on friends, a lot of people did. But what was different about yours? As you said, no amy, I don't just want your blurb, I want you to give people actions, I want pictures, I want, you know, and so I was like, oh okay, I'm gonna have to take some time on this. Um, but so that's what we got a bunch of actionable tips. So what were your favorite tips out of this trans orbital for? [00:04:57] spk_0: Oh my God, you're asking me this, [00:04:59] spk_1: was there any, was there any tips in there that you were like, oh, I'm going to I'm going to use that. [00:05:07] spk_0: Okay, so first I actually want to jump in and tell you something I hate and I'm sorry if I'm offending some of the top experts here who didn't participate or sometime I didn't feature in the other articles because they sent me like two lines. I hate when I send you an email, I spend my time and I'll tell you, please give me actionable tips for sellers. And then they just sent me two lines without any referral without any back, like nothing. It's not because I do it for my S E O. Because I want to make sure that you give me good information, not just because it's your name and your top of the industry, no one cares. Okay, so I really appreciate what you did. You actually gave me one of the best structured answers there. Ok. And I mean I I really don't want to diminished anyone else, but you did a very good job and you know, the others are giving me a lot of value. I published all of those who answer my questions. So I turned down no one also because they already know me. So they know they know the drill already. Um before when referrals were missing or information we're missing. I would do the research myself to back up what they were saying and I will still give them the credit. It's okay. Why? Because I want my blog since the very first article that we share to be top of information for amazon sellers, Everything for free. I'm not I never ask even for emails. Can you imagine that? I never even asked leave the email and I will send you a free guide or a subscribe to our newsletter. No, so because part of me doesn't like that, but I would probably implement that soon on my on my blog, I have to start to monetize also my business and that that that you know, a point of view. But anyway, I always want everyone to give me their secrets, their gold. And that's what I'm looking for because that's the best way to actually keep the readers coming and keep the readers see you as an authority in what you're saying. So every blockbuster be right has got a lot of details. Images back leagues, you know, source quote, et cetera. I think these things very, very seriously. So, uh, what you know regarding the, the answers, I guess that everyone who talked about advertising, including you, You talk more specifically about ranking and you know how to dominate Amazon in 2021, I remember this is it. You all would agree on the fact that amazon expand is expanding their advertising tools. You know, it's gonna look more like google and, and facebook and it's also obvious if you want to get more money because you want to steal market place, you need to upgrade your tools of course, and it's going to give the user a more as you said, engaging and interactive experience. I really love that. It was it was really good. I mean life selling videos, Amazon stores more images, more videos and we as agencies, we need to update. We as sellers, we need to update, we need to know everything, you know, So [00:08:04] spk_1: what's exciting about that is that amazon live and amazon posts are organic. So, you know, people worry about, I don't have enough margin to spend money on PPC Okay, well we need to fix your business if that's the case. But either way, like you guys the opportunity to build an audience on amazon is coming and it's already there. It's already they're already there. Making changes every day. Yesterday Lebron posted about how he saw video ads at the bottom of page two, which is new. And then I found when I was writing the blurb for your article, I found alive in amazon live inside of another product page, huge. Like if you can go inside your competitors product page and put a live video, that's not an advertisement. It's literally you going live on your phone or whatever, talking about your product. Do you know like who's going to be more engaged? Oh, there's a coffeemaker up here. It looks [00:09:14] spk_0: pretty [00:09:15] spk_1: like the coffee maker. And then what's this robot doing? Why is there a cat on it? Oh, that's cool. I'm going over here. Right so it's it's show there's so many opportunities for organic growth in this new kind of interactive engaging platform that amazon is building. And not only that they are taking over the world because they have devices in everybody's home. I'm over here looking at my little echo dot that's on my desk. I have one in every room in my house including my kids rooms. Right? And I know I know she's listening. I know it's fine but huge opportunity because on every device I have amazon fire tv s across my house and amazon fire T. V. S. This is so important for people especially that are overseas that don't know but amazon fire tv. We've got in the U. S. So many people are cutting the cable cord, they're cutting the cable cord. They're not they don't want to pay for cable anymore. They're streaming only. So they're buying these devices so we have a couple of choices for devices right? We have the google chromecast I think it is. We have um raku tv. We've got apple tv. You know those are pretty popular but fire Tv is by far the most popular because you can put their party apps on it which allows you to stream far more than you can stream with any other device that locks you into proprietary programming that you're paying for every month. Right So everybody has these fire TVs because they're so programmable and everything and they're selling them they're buying fire tv sticks and their their programming them they're reselling them on facebook. I mean really amazon was very smart about that. They're even with I don't want to say her name even with my Echo speaker here with this technology you can create apps for it and the app store for you know, Alexa is very, very big. Okay, stop, Alexa stop anyway. And he always does the dance party thing and gets everybody speaker going when we're doing SRT s but I mean you guys on these amazon, so I just kind of set the stage for you. There's millions of households in the United States of America that have these fire TVs, there's millions of Airbnb s. There's a and on these fire TVs on the home screen, on the main menu, The second option in on that top menu, just like the edit button on your Microsoft word document is life. [00:11:55] spk_0: Mhm [00:11:56] spk_1: It's the live button. So here what they're doing is they are wanting these lives to actually become like their own version of Youtube. So it's so important to pay attention to life. It's so important to pay attention to post because those are being, it's like free advertising from amazon and you can, you can be on your competitors pages. So I think that's the biggest trend and then also storefront all that. So now I'm going to shut up, you got me on a soapbox there, [00:12:31] spk_0: did an amazing [00:12:32] spk_1: job, but it's just, it's so exciting to me. You know, there's not enough time in the day. I need to hire like, Um, you from like 20 years ago, I can't afford you anymore, right? But um, I need to hire you from 20 years ago when I need someone like that that's excited about like, yes, let's, let's, you know, for me, I'm in the cat, I'm in the cat business, I'm the cat lady. And, and you know, first you can, you can review other people's products along with your own, like, think about like The top 10 best cat toys on the market. Of course, minds in there. I mean, it's fun. But um, but you know, you could do so much with that, think bigger than just your brand. Everybody always wants to jump right to the sale, right? But think bigger than just your brand and think like, oh my gosh, I could build an incredible following on amazon and it's going to pour over to all these devices to, it's just, I'm excited, [00:13:32] spk_0: you know, just again to jump in. If you if you would say that, for example, brian johnson, he said something he didn't directly referred to live, but he said it's going to be more customer centric, you know, customers are going to look for something in this listing, in this space, in in this estate on amazon. What's in for me? That's what he said. It's exactly the same thing. Even if it didn't mention life, you didn't mention post, but you know, it's all about attention customization and you say it in a different way, but I I say that, you know, a little bit echoing brian who didn't say this, and I say that it's not anymore about trying to treat the algorithm. You know, it's more about trying to see what your what your clients, what your customers want today. And it's it's all about this and you can definitely do it also with organic space. Now it's a it's a little bit complicated because you're definitely of course you need to pay for your advertising and you know, getting the organic space I would say let's try to enjoy for now, you know, as long as we have this organic space, because sooner or later as it happened for facebook, I remember in 2010 about social media community manager, my job was to post on the page like two or three times and we had thousands of likes. I remember we were just giving away a ticket for any music concerts and we had thousands of shares. [00:15:00] spk_1: That's organic. Forget lee. And [00:15:04] spk_0: The interaction rate, the interaction rate was like 70%,, [00:15:07] spk_1: 70 [00:15:08] spk_0: Percent would of your followers of your fans on Facebook at least would organically see your posts in their news feed now, it's like 1% 2 you need to pay for that. So I think probably the same thing will happen to Amazon, but not in 2021, of course in 2025 or 27 for you know, for example, when they will give you so much space for life for organic posts for everything, of course the platinum will evolve, will become more of a social media kind of marketplace. And then you will slowly have to pay also for that, you know, BBC would be very expensive and then in order to go live, you will have to be eligible, you know, with some, some terms you probably will have to pay for something, you know. Um for example, yeah, we can, we can take a look at Tiktok uh now it has uh, yeah, the girl that already interviewed on my Youtube general, by the way, if you guys want to know more about you tick dog, go and check it out. We made one blog and one when one youtube video. Uh you know, most of the interaction is organic and of course the talk is trying to attract, you know, sellers and businesses and influencers giving a lot of organic space, you know, for free, they already have developed ads but it's not as strong as facebook and instagram and all the other platforms, but for sure they will turn into a pay platform because it's it's always like this give give for free and then it's the right time bump, you know, charge [00:16:37] spk_1: Yeah, that's that's like that's definitely you know, every software platform that's out there, especially social media has always started very free, you know, and get get users on the platform, grow that grow, the bigger your audience, the more you know, you can get advertisers for right to sell ads and then, you know, the better your data analytics on your users, if you guys haven't watched the social dilemma on netflix, check it out. It's very good. Um but yeah, it's it's it's really, it's really cool to see the way that works, but whenever we can get we can become early adopters. It's really a cool way to do things. So yeah, I love it. So what else, what else are, what else do you think that we should really be paying attention to? Of course, video videos. We gotta all get better at video. We got to get better at branding. We have to get better connecting with our customers. That is really like you were saying with brian johnson's comment. There it is. You know what's in it for me? I mean, I know like when we talk about our seven photo strategy that we give during our listing optimization. Masterclass people just change out their photos, just taking the customer through that sales cycle in their photos and their conversions just immediately increase because you're telling the customer what's in it for me? Why how is this going to help me in my life instead of it's a stainless steel water bottle good for you. Right, So we have to do better. And I think that I would love to hear your opinion on this with your experience in china. I think that this is something that we can do better than china. [00:18:21] spk_0: Oh yeah, definitely. [00:18:22] spk_1: Yeah. That's what I always tell people because they're worried about these chinese sellers and everything like that. And I'm like look you can build a brand and you can connect with consumers better than just offering the lowest price. [00:18:39] spk_0: Yeah, of course. I wrote an entire new second blog post on how to fight unfair competition on amazon. I literally went through all the black hat tactics, all the attacks from chinese sellers have been. And then I mean I don't want to be raised. Its not only chinese sellers, okay so we have to we have to be fair here. Exactly, [00:19:01] spk_1: exactly. You don't just want to assume that because they're being with [00:19:05] spk_0: you, that there are chinese seller. [00:19:07] spk_1: I mean I like I said I'm working with this brand right now in china and they're really incredible. I mean they have provided goods for some of the major retailers so you know now they want a little direct to consumer fun um and I'm actually excited to help them and you know, but it is clear that they're not as good at the consumer side and they don't completely understand the american consumer and that is where we have the leg up because you know it's the connection is everything in America if anything shows by our social media, love our talk, love it's that we crave connection and if we don't have a brand nuts filling that out then you know we all have to change our mindset. It's not about a quick buck. If you think of starting your own brand as a quick buck, you're going to miss the vote and you're not going to make any money. [00:20:01] spk_0: Yeah. Yeah exactly because I mean look what what had the major boom during the covid pandemic, you know social network, you know zoom calls, you know, e commerce, any kind of social media live, you know everyone now is a line because you can't have the face to face interaction and you know some people might love it because they have to stay home anyway but you know most of us are trying to you know do social interaction in one way or another. So yeah but um if I have to say actually you know what would be hot for for this year, I made it clear for each and every speaker that we will talk about many different topics. I sent. Yeah. You remember I sent this large email where I told you ok pick only one or two or three of those topics and I gave you like eight topics. So we talked also about inventory was gonna change with reviews and messaging, how to sell your amazon business, that's a trend. That is. I mean it's a really really hot topic. I was I was on the phone with my business partner before in Italy because I know we have also spin off in Italy and it was telling me so some of those friends what they do, they don't just buy amazon business, what they do is they they they reflect businesses that are doing very poorly but have a good potential. So they buy for four bucks and then they re optimize within a year. They, you know, they put it on steroids and then they just resell it. And I thought, well I didn't think about this myself [00:21:32] spk_1: before, I'm slacking. I, yeah, I've thought about that too because there's so many uh Andy and I have rebate jet, which is where people can list their liquidations. And there's always like new liquidations that have a lot of potential and it's just a seller that doesn't know what they're doing with optimization and branding. And then there's um, there's something that you got to liquidate that that's, that's a dog right there. But um, and then we also have a facebook group called wholesale in bulk lots where you can list your, you know, um, products that you want to sell in bulk, your liquidation and stuff like that. And when I see that stuff in there, it's a squirrel for me, I want to go chase the squirrel. I want to go like give that cpr revive it. Like, oh, I could sell that. I could sell that all day long. Right? So I love those opportunities, but they do take management and they do take oversight and you know, they do take time. But the payoff can be huge, right? [00:22:33] spk_0: Yeah. And I think for people like, you know, like us that, as you said before, we've been selling products on amazon across multiple categories. And it would be just easy and if you know, if anything, it would be just a new challenge. So it would be super easy. Um, then getting back to the trends that I had for this year. Yeah, There's still some black hat. I mean, I would just, you know, we can link to the, to the article to, to read in details and then, yeah, some new marketplace, let's look a little bit into ASia and then that's pretty much it. You know, advertising is changing, is evolving amazon once more and more of the cake. Pretty much try to be careful on how to get more organic engagement. Try to, you know, keep yourself updated as a seller with all the different branding option that amazon gives you, you have to be brand registered all the time. That's like top priority then um yeah, engage with your, with your customers and uh Be aware that you can sell your business and you can make a little money and yeah, black cat is still there and your marketplaces are opening up and you know, there is a huge opportunity. So this is pretty much a summary of what will happen in 2021. So [00:23:47] spk_1: we always do this like we usually ask two questions and I'm going to ask these two questions before we go. And of course, you know, we will also and with you telling everyone how they can access all these great blogs and everything. But question number one, if you had one piece of advice to give to someone, just starting out about strategy about mindset, just starting out in private label saying I've heard about this amazon thing, I think I'm going to get into it. What's your one piece of advice for them? [00:24:28] spk_0: Okay, so uh I I hear a lot of people, you know, I get this kind of messages every day Like, Hey David, you know, I have $5000. I think I should start a business in Amazon. What do you [00:24:43] spk_1: Yeah, that's that's a common. How much money do I need to hear that [00:24:47] spk_0: much money do I need? So you have to have this clear in your mind. It's if you want to, if you want to have a reward is a real business, you have to treat it as a real business. And I've been saying that for so long and I think I've been discussing this live in an interview together with I think it was kevin King And uh if you if you want to make it a business, you need to treat it as a business. So don't just think, okay, I have, you know, x amount of us dollars, first of all, maybe 5000 is not enough. Someone said in 2018, you need $20,000 to start a business, Amazon 2021 is going to be more than that. So that's my first advice. Be creative and treating it as a business means. You have to plan everything ahead. You need to network with other people. You need to constantly get different ideas. For example, um you know, we we can always learn like you have the strategy for the for the Seven Images. We we don't use the strategy right now, but I would love to know what you are doing. Uh you for example, you would love what we're doing with our PPC. You know, I spent two years of my first agency consultant life speaking about PPC, what are the most common mistakes that, you know, amazon sellers doing their PPC. And probably this year I will start turning all of those, you know, slides into blog posts because I didn't have the time before and they're still valid right now because the platform changes. But you know, the, you know, the basics are always the same. And so this is my advice. Don't think that you're going to make money easier on amazon, that's the you know the most common mistake for newbies. We're starting on amazon because you know what's happening for example in Italy right now is that amazon is becoming a big thing. You have the first amazon agencies popping out, the first you know entrepreneurs and you have advertising on how to start selling on amazon and this is so stupid. People fall in the trap because they don't [00:26:46] spk_1: know [00:26:47] spk_0: in this trap that you can make money easy selling on amazon started with $1000. That was this is what's going on in the U. S. Probably five years ago right [00:26:57] spk_1: now there's people selling courses in Romania and I mean so I love it because it gets people out of their comfort zone and it helps them. But then I hate it because it's like because I get these clients, you know I keep my coaching prices very, very affordable because I have a heart for new sellers And nobody is going to get started in this business and pay $600 an hour for a coaching session. They're just not. And so I limit my schedule and it gets booked up very fast but I keep [00:27:31] spk_0: it. Yes [00:27:33] spk_1: exactly. I'm yeah, I'm going to have to raise the prices eventually. But you know, but anyway the point is, you know, so I get these people every day that come to me with number one They've they've spent $10 20 $30,000 on courses. [00:27:55] spk_0: They [00:27:56] spk_1: have a product that is very saturated that there's nothing special about it. They can't answer. My key question is why should I buy from you? Why should I buy from you? And that one of these other 50 pages of advertisements in your listing? They can't answer that question. And that is the key question right there. If you can't answer that, you don't have a brand, you don't have anything of value. So you have to. So that's my piece of advice you guys is don't it's okay to use the software that's out there for data points. But you've got to think about the customer first. Think about the customer and why they buy products like that's so, so, so important. So anyway, I love that piece of advice of treat it like a business and what that means is have a plan, know where you're going and know who the hell your customer is. Because if you don't have a unique offering for your customer, If you don't know why the customers should buy from you, you don't have a business. [00:28:51] spk_0: You have [00:28:52] spk_1: something that's going to fail very quickly. So think about it that way. Yes, there's opportunity on amazon, yes, you can make a lot of money on amazon, but you're not going to have a Lamborghini tomorrow unless you Photoshop it, you know, we need to work for that. So I love that. Okay, next motivation and, and I always ask this question, What is, what are you doing for your growth right now? Your motivation? Are you listening to any podcasts? Are you reading any books? Did you read one book in 2020 that just like you know, made a huge difference for you? I know you told us about minority mindset on YouTube, I'm going to go check that out. But what is your, what are your go to motivation materials that keep you going as an entrepreneur? [00:29:38] spk_0: Uh that's a good question. So I'm not um I love reading, I don't lie, I don't consume that many books. I, I consume a lot of articles online. I mean I'm a blog guy and I consume a lot of Youtube videos. That's why I'm shifting a little bit more into Youtube. Um, even though it takes time, I know, you know, being a youtuber is a full time job. I understand it right now. Like to upload to upload the 20 minutes video. It took me three hours and I've been doing for a year because you need to create the video, edit the video optimized. Oh, so [00:30:20] spk_1: you know, I changed my, I trained my 11 year old how to do it and she can do 10 videos in one hour. So she might be available [00:30:30] spk_0: when it comes to, you know, motivate myself. I like to listen to other entrepreneurial stories. I listened a lot to this collection of podcast by Nepal last year. Um I don't remember the name right now of the podcast itself, How to get rich, something like that, How to get rich, probably like, right, and I like to differentiate my space of knowledge because um I mean I like to enjoy my life, you know, I can still, I can also make money when I, when I throw a party Because for example, here in Thailand it works like this, you make an agreement with a club and you get 20 of the bar sales that night and seriously, it's so amazing. Yeah, [00:31:19] spk_1: music that encourages people to drink more. [00:31:22] spk_0: Exactly and people in my position, they would pay to play music. What happened with me? I stopped teaching for five years and then I came back last year and I, and I literally pass from no one knows me in this island to play into the top clock in three months or four months. Why? Because I approached this as a business, I didn't just approach it as a you know DJ looking for attention or something like that. No, I had this business background, I think I had an interview with Mike Nicolini from Global from Asia and we were planning to have an interview with Anthony co Francesco about different entrepreneurial, you know adventures and path and this is also very interesting. I mean you can apply to music to parties to any other kind of business if you really know how to make money, how to sell yourself, you're going to succeed in everything, anything you do. Yeah, you [00:32:14] spk_1: can monetize anything. That's what I love about entrepreneurship and business, love that. Okay, so how can we stuck you? Yeah. Yeah [00:32:28] spk_0: so you take my page we are growth back. I mean my business name is quite easy to remember. We are growth back dot com. Girls are consulting is the name of my of my agency but the domain is quite easy and we are like this pretty much everywhere instagram facebook youtube. So we are growth check. I am the only one today I just discovered that I got someone you know taking inspiration from my name, let's say like this, they're called we are growth hackers and they didn't exist until a few weeks ago. So yeah and [00:32:59] spk_1: trademarked. [00:33:01] spk_0: Yes of course. Well [00:33:04] spk_1: you might, you might need to do a little, a little desist letter for them because amazing at home is trademarked and um yeah, if someone else did so yeah, I would, [00:33:16] spk_0: yeah, I need to contact someone [00:33:19] spk_1: so but yeah, it's yeah, [00:33:24] spk_0: it's super easy to you know to come to find me and yeah. Monica luci on linkedin facebook pretty much everywhere. I would say. You get the best of my information on my blog and on my Youtube channel and then if you want to really stock my personal life, just find me on instagram. [00:33:41] spk_1: Okay, stalking on instagram. We are growth hack dot com and Youtube channels also called your growth hack and don't believe in those were growth hackers on facebook. They're cheaters and just defeated. Thank you so much for being here. I mean I had so much fun talking to you. I could like, we need to have you back on for china stuff. We can talk about PPC, we can talk about social media all day long. Just marketing in general. So we've got at least five more sessions to do. So I'm gonna put you on the hook for those. Thanks everybody for listening. I hope you learned as much as I did today, just like, yes, it was very inspirational, so awesome and you guys rate review, subscribe to the seller roundtable and um, you know, reach out with any questions, I'll put links to all of, you know, the minority mindset and and some of the other things that we mentioned here, yep, and then make sure that I put the links to we are growth hacks as well so you guys can check out all those blogs man, that sounds cool, I can't wait to get into so thank you guys so much. Thank you to V day for being here. I'm going to sign off and we'll see you guys next time on Tuesday, who do we have on Tuesday? I believe it is Isabella Hamilton if I'm not mistaken from ring fell. So we'll see you guys Tuesday join us live every Tuesday at one PM pacific time at sell a round table dot com slash live. We'll see you, bye everybody. [00:35:19] spk_0: Thanks for tuning in, join us every Tuesday [00:35:21] spk_2: at one PM [00:35:22] spk_0: pacific standard time for live Q and A. And bonus content after the recording at cellar round table dot com, sponsored by the ultimate software tool for amazon [00:35:32] spk_2: sales and growth [00:35:33] spk_0: seller s c o dot [00:35:34] spk_2: com and amazing at home dot com.