Her Career Ladder
Episode 3 : How to Pivot from Engineering to Tech with Danielle Pollard
April 1, 2021
How to pivot from engineering to tech. Meet Danielle Pollard who is an industrial engineering who pivoted her career into tech. Find out which engineering skills she uses in her current role as SCRUM Coach.
Danielle has a background in Industrial and Systems Engineering with more than two decades of training, executive coaching, and most importantly real life in the trenches leadership experience. 

How did you end up in tech when you’re an industrial engineer?

I had these job experiences building applications and picked up a new skill set. I kept building until someone told me that I would be really good as a scrum master.

What software coding language do you primarily use to create the applications?

A language called FORTRAN.

How would you recommend getting a scrum master position from a QA background with a CSM certification but no Scrum experience?

No one has any idea whether you can do the job or not. Until you get there and you do it. 

So how do you win the role? 

It’s whoever is not the best person for the job because no one’s done the job, yet for you to be able to compare and contrast. If you’re a hiring manager, the person who wins the role is the person who is best able to articulate their value to the interview.

Scrum is just a framework that is designed to be the answer to uncertainty.