The one business investment I can count on that guarantees exponential returns
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
The one business investment I can count on that guarantees exponential returns
March 26, 2021
In this episode we talk about the best investment a founder can make for their business. It's not what you think.
One of the best investments that I've made into my business is investing in myself. And what I mean by this is I'm constantly updating myself with new information, and I have really two major sources for information. 

One I read minimum at least one book each week, and books are phenomenal because you can learned the depth of a certain aspect of whatever you're struggling with. And it helps you get unstuck really fast because books are very inspiring and they start plugging in ideas that you might not have had before. 

And one of the key things I think that's really helped me in my business is going to the source of the source. So if I'm reading a book and within the book, they mentioned a book, I'll go read that book as well. And I got that advice from Chris Do. And if you don't know Chris Do, Chris Do is a pretty, uh, pretty famous, I would say as a designer and as an entrepreneur, he's doing six figure months, Um, and if you go to his YouTube, he has almost a million followers, and he was he actually was on my podcast on my launch episode. 

So he was like one of the first three podcasts guests on my podcast, which was awesome. And he shared with me that his best growth hack secret was to go to the source of the source. And after I've been doing that, I'm just wowed because you just get so much more resolution into a specific idea. 

The other thing Chris Do actually mentioned is Chris Do has a business coach, and I think having a coach around you to guide you for your business has unlocked so much potential for me to grow really quickly and minimize risk because they know the lay of the land. They know when I'm about to step on a landmine and how to avoid that landmine. It's really awesome when I can get on a 15 minute call with one of my coaches and one of these experts and get unstuck with the problem that I might have and these problems when they get unstuck, like it's like a paradigm shift for me. 

Before I think before I could afford this kind of guidance, I would have to hunt it down on in books, YouTube, etcetera. But it's really difficult, and it can get demotivated, especially if you're hunting in the wrong areas. And it's just so nice to be able to tap someone that is a little further along from where you are to be able to get that advice and be able to latch on and pretty much catch the way that they're on because they're out there making the mistakes. They have the arrows in their backs, and it's it's awesome to be able to learn from their mistakes. So you can avoid those. 

For example, one of the things that I preached with the vertical method all throughout this podcast and all throughout my content. This is to stop the old Robin from making the mistake of going out there, spending $100,000 to build an MVP, not knowing how to sell it and basically building something that people might not even want. So I'm much smarter now. Now I know that you have to start with the audience first, and in fact, make sure you check out the next episode tomorrow because I recently came across a talk from Steve Jobs, who actually alluded to the vertical method back in 1997. So I'll share that. 

Boom. Bam, I'm out.

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