How to get attention for your startup with cold outreach
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How to get attention for your startup with cold outreach
October 6, 2021
In this episode, we talk about a cold outreach technique that actually works.
One of the questions that I get is what is one of the best ways to cold outreach? Now, while I may not be a cold outreach expert, I will share a technique that actually works for me and this doesn't matter what kind of cold outreach you're doing if you're doing it to reach out to an influencer, for example, an A-list celebrity that you want to connect with. This strategy will work if you're trying to reach out to a potential client and you're doing cold outreach that way, the strategy will work as well.

 So, in a previous episode, one of the things that I said is if you do want to get other people's attention, it's really nice to have a platform, but if you don't have a platform, there are other ways that you can still get people's attention and really this idea is very simple, but the way to get people's attention just does nice things for them, give them something of value, something that they actually would want, and you'll be able to get their attention. So even if they feel like the relationship isn't right, you might at least get a response or a reply. 

One of the ways that actually applied this, and the person that actually learned it from was one of my friends, his name is Yogi Goyl, he is a DJ in Houston, Texas and Yogi is actually pretty famous in Houston. He's a DJ on 90.1 FM. One of the radio channels; and when I was first creating my first album, Yogi and his production company kind of sponsored my music and actually paid for a lot of my studio time and as I was trying to get my music out into different channels, I got pretty lucky where I was published in a major motion picture. So this was one of the franchises for American Pie. The person who helped me publish it, I didn't do any kind of follow-up, I didn't do anything. I mean, it was just a young kid, didn't really know any better, but Yogi... Yogi is a masterful network person. I wouldn't say network marketer because that's totally different, but he is really good at networking with people and as a DJ, I mean this is like one of his jobs, right? To get to know as many people as possible and he knows how to move a crowd as DJ as well.

So this is one of the techniques that he taught me. When I explained to him exactly how I published my music in this movie, he was like, "Dude, what are you doing? Why are you contacting this person that helped you?" And one of the first things that he said is, "You know? Right now, go online, go buy a bottle of wine and send it to this person and thank them for doing that." And this is something that actually never did. And so I listened to Yogi and I sent to this person a bottle of wine, and then three days later their company email me back and saying, "Hey thank you so much for the wine. Our staff and members really enjoyed it. If you have any new music in your catalog, we would love to hear it." So this was like an open.

Well, I had a lot of things going on back then, so I actually never still followed up. It's really difficult to follow up. I will say that my follow-up game isn't that great, but I was able to at least reengage this person, get their attention again. They help me this one time and then automatically just by sending that gift they were wanting to reciprocate and help a second time. 

So if you do want to get people's attention, whether it's a celebrity or whether it's a potential client, if you provide something of value, something that they actually want, right? Not your pitch, but something that they actually value, then this is a good way to get their attention. I hope this helps. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom. Bam, I'm out.

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