Catholic Vocations
Introduction to Catholic Vocations
September 29, 2021
This talks about what the Catholic Vocations is all about, introduces our main speaker, Mother Therese, and gives a sneak preview of some of the upcoming episodes. A personal challenge is also included.
This episode serves as an introduction to the Catholic Vocations Podcast.  Vocational discernment can be tricky as there isn't a lot of practical information on how to choose the path(s) God may be calling you to embrace in the Catholic Church that can help you get to heaven more easily than if you do not.  

You will get to meet Mother Therese, a canon lawyer and Bride of Christ.  

You will also get a sneak preview about some of the upcoming topics of future episodes.

Finally, you will be given a personal challenge!

This episode is the creation of Mother Therese and
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