PublishHer Podcast
{ep. 46} What's all the #booktok madness about? Tiktok for authors
September 8, 2021
Have you been hearing about #booktok and wondering what it is? My team members Cayce, Sarah, and I, Alexa Bigwarfe, dig into Tiktok and the phenomenon of Booktok.
#Booktok is changing the marketing scene for authors right now. The books that are trending are showing up in retail stores, and some of them, like Barnes & Noble, are even dedicating an area of their stores to the hottest books on Booktok. This is a huge way for indie authors to outshine traditionally published books in retail stores in a way that's been hard to do in the past.

Our team has a discussion on Tiktok, Booktok, and how Barnes & Noble is completely revamping their stores, making them more friendly to local and indie authors, and those getting attention on Booktok.

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