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117. Meet TARSH WENDT the creator of the STOMP THE PEDAL Women's Cycling Clothing Company
September 1, 2021
In this episode, you will learn: How and what it takes to create a premium Women's Cycling / Triathlon Clothing Brand. Meet creator with a vision Tarsh Wendt.

Hey, I'm Tarsh! Passionate, fun-loving Aussie now based in London. Founder of activewear label Stomp The Pedal, podcaster, motivational speaker, and multiple Ironman triathletes. Thanks for visiting my site!

I never finished high school or went to university. Definitely a learner by experience. My life in Australia was absolutely magical and I had no real reason to leave other than if I wanted to see the UK and do any kind of work over here, I need to get my working holiday visa before I turned 31.
 The mission was on. I worked my full-time corporate job back then as a Manager of an Investments Team, whilst also delivering pizzas in the evening during the week and to top it off on the weekend worked at a butcher at the famous Victoria Markets.
 Nothing has ever come easy to me, I have always worked my arse for it and working as a contractor here in the UK whilst running my side hustle and training for Ironmans is no different. I simply love to live life and every hour of the day to its fullest.

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