353: The Exquisite Experience of Beauty
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353: The Exquisite Experience of Beauty
March 27, 2021
Aingeal Rose speaks humbly of her dark night of the soul and its change over time to her exquisite experience of beauty!

Aingeal Rose speaks humbly of her dark night of the soul and its change over time to her exquisite experience of beauty!

I want to talk about the dimensional split and what many people are experiencing going through it. As we all know, the world is changing and we can see and feel the dichotomy. We see things dying away in people’s lives, changing drastically, politically, socially, economically. Everything is transforming with no guarantee of where it’s leading. But one thing I’ve encountered going through the dimensional split is that we’re asked to give up the old paradigm of death and guilt. No more holding grudges and blaming. We must move into a paradigm of love and forgiveness. But along with that tear down of old belief systems, there’s been an exquisite experience of beauty.

Ahonu teases me when I share pictures of flowers on Facebook, but some of them are an exquisite experience of beauty. They’re all so different and the colors are so vivid. When you go through this experience, you notice things of beauty more than you did before. It’s the simple things, something that tastes wonderful but you notice it, or a pleasure you never took the time to appreciate before.

Beauty, An Exquisite Experience by Aingeal Rose

Ahonu and I drove out in the country and we’ve stopped at this beautiful mountain with a pale yellow house on a hill. The birds are chirping sweetly and I’m looking at green trees and green hills. The experience of beauty for me has become so profound in the littlest things. Just looking at this beautiful hill in front of me with this lovely house has me thinking how wonderful it would be to have that vision outside your windows every day. It’s just a simple country house, but it’s quiet here surrounded by enormous boulders that California is known for. We’re surrounded by beautiful trees, and peace and quiet, and we’re under a blue sky. The air is fresh. It’s just lovely. It’s just uplifting.

I believe Source is leading us to simplify our lives, to make it less cluttered, to do things that are easier, to just be without complication.

Ahonu and I are helping take care of our grandchildren for my daughter. Two girls, one is three years old, and the other is eight months. The three-year-old has an incredible imagination. She’s got six Barbie dolls that she puts on the couch after she has her bath and sits them all up with Baba so they can watch TV together. It’s these little things, these little imaginations that bring such joy. Even though there’s nothing profound about Barbie dolls and Mermaids, to her, they’re her little beings, her little family. In her mind, they are all expressions of exquisite beauty!

Beauty, An Exquisite Experience by Aingeal Rose

And the little one, even though they’re a lot of work, and Ahonu and I find ourselves exhausted at the end of each day, when you think of their little smiles and their little twinkly eyes of delight at the littlest things. She’s exploring everything, so she’ll pick up things in her hand and turn them every way and examine them closely. It could be a sticker, it could be a little block of wood and she just examines it fully. And of course he has to put it in her mouth to taste it. She’s just this delightful little creature who wakes up in the morning and just sings and squeals. She’ll get all excited about the littlest thing and just bounce all over the place. This is one of my experiences of beauty.

There are horses on the property, too. Even the sound of them - how many of you delight at the sound of horses and the smell of horses? Many people enjoy simple things like that, like a little bird flitting across the sky, or even a noisy crow that’s being annoying, the sound of horses walking down a road or the wind blowing through the trees. It’s the tiniest things.

That’s what’s happened to me since my dark night of the soul experience in January 2019, where it showed me the unreality of this world. (You can watch it on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jei7I4vn7Fk or listen to the podcast about it here: https://podcast.worldofempowerment.com/e/310-a-dark-night-of-the-soul/)

Aingeal Rose’s Dark Night of the Soul

I’ve had to ask Source repeatedly, what’s real? What to focus on? What’s real to hang on to? It keeps coming back to the simple things in life. It’s the simple, beautiful moments that hold the attention of love, not all the confusion, not the artificial intelligence, not the technology we’re hung up on that just makes us crazy energetically. The world is changing. A lot of old things are dying away. Much is manifesting as grief and depression, but you have this wonderful fresh energy on the planet that people are feeling. But the

So, I just wanted to share that with you. Just notice the beautiful things. Pay attention to the little things, the leaves on trees, smells in the air, birds chirping. Notice the simple things that bring peace to your heart. That’s the best advice I can give anybody who’s going through a tough time.

As change happens, I’m left with more and more appreciation of how beautiful things are when they’re beautiful. I’ll continue to post pictures of beautiful flowers because flowers share joy. Despite the difficulties many are experiencing, the beauty of this world is still present. The love of Source is still present in this world. That’s where our focus is. So, I just wanted to share that with you. Hopefully that’ll offer you a little peace and upliftment in this great time of change.

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