Customers Who Click
How 88Vape Grew by Focusing on the Customer Experience
September 13, 2022
In episode 128 of the Customers Who Click podcast I spoke with Dean Lee, Head of Digital and Ecommerce at 88 Vape. Vaping, or eliquids, is a regulated industry which does make things more difficult. Payment providers are limited and sometimes more expensive, you’re locked out of certain distribution channels, advertising channels, you might need age verification tools in place, all of which add costs. Once we started to get that message across to the community, and to our audience and our customers they started to understand that we’re just trying to offer a quality, affordable product. Being the cheapest on the market has its pros and cons, as we’ve discussed before, but once you start to build that trust, once you give customers a good experience they’ll keep coming back, and crucially, they’ll bring others with them. Dean is the Head of Digital and Ecommerce at 88 Vape, you can find him on Linkedin or head over to
Key highlights:

0:09 - Dean’s Introduction
03:08 - Why Vaping is such a tough industry
0405 - Being cheapest comes with its own problems
08:17 - Every customer counts when acquisition is tough
10:19 - Happy customers are valuable customers, 42k reviews says it all
14:35 - Filling out their product portfolio to compete
17:18 - Being number 1 on Google matters when you can’t do paid acquisition
25:20 - Put some time aide to do customer service yourself
29:11 - OOH advertising builds trust because surely you’re a big brand
34:53 - Deans dream lunch guest
37:52 - Deans top marketing tools

If you’d like to hear more from Dean,  you can connect with him on Linkedin or head over to