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238. FULLER Centre Bicycle Adventure: BIKING & HELPING COMMUNITIES with Participant Ron VanHoose
June 8, 2022
Meet my good friend Ron VanHoose, we meet through a Facebook Cycling page called VIP about 8yrs ago and we've been friends ever since. I've even had the pleasure of hanging with him and his wife Pam in Nashville. So when I received a letter asking for donations to this charity he was working with that required he ride his bike for 10weeks, well you can imagine I HAD to HAVE him on my podcast talking about the Fuller Centre Bicycle Adventure. Have a listen, it's pretty darn amazing!

The Fuller Center for Housing in 2005
We are dedicated to continuing the legacy of Millard Fuller, our inspirational leader for 40 years and the Founder of The Fuller Center for Housing in 2005. 

Millard Fuller also Founded and then led Habitat for Humanity from 1976-2005. 

The Fuller Center builds and repairs homes across the country and around the world, partnering with families for a hand up instead of a handout. 

We are an ecumenical Christian movement that welcomes anyone who wants to join with us to eliminate poverty housing.

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