The Recovering Entrepreneur Show
The 3Qs (with David Richards)
September 12, 2022
Have you heard about Quantum? Do you know anything about quantum? Our guest for today is a business professional, life coach, and speaker. He will teach us a little about quantum physics and how the mind works.

In today's episode of The Recovering Entrepreneur Show, we have a very special and unique guest! We are joined by David Richards, he is a business professional, life coach, yoga instructor, and speaker of self-development.

After serving in the military for 15 years, in 2006, he discovered yoga. And after a year, he was able to teach his first-ever yoga class. Yoga and quantum physics were blended by David. He created self-development plans that are easy to understand and create a lasting change for a more fulfilling life.

Quantum, Quantum, Quantum, are you interested in learning more about this? Listen to this episode!

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Happy Monday!

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