Plant Yourself - Uplift Others
Integrating Plant-based Nutrition into the Medical System with Michelle McMacken: PYP 221
August 2, 2017
Michelle McMacken, MD, is a leader in the field of plant-based lifestyle medicine. She's an assistant professor at New York University's School of Medicine, and the director of a medical weight-loss clinic at Bellevue Medical Center. She's also responsible for teaching doctors-in-training at Bellevue, where she gets to introduce the next generation of medical professionals to the wonderful world of lifestyle medicine. Bellevue serves a very diverse patient population, including people who live in homeless shelters, who speak very little English, and who have multiple other obstacles to the "Whole Foods" lifestyle. And yet she works with them, and with the other healthcare professionals who work with them, to improve their health outcomes and happiness by replacing junk food and animal products with life-supporting plant foods.