Birth Plan Basics
Authentic Wellness Podcast
Birth Plan Basics
October 30, 2022
What's a birth plan and why would you need one? Find out those answers and more in this bonus episode of the Authentic Wellness Podcast.
A birth plan doesn’t take the responsibility off of you and put it on your provider. If anything, it places the responsibility on you because you will have to make sure you employ the three Ps: Pick the items for your plan. Prepare your body for the birth you want. Provide copies of the plan to everyone involved. 

Your birth plan is a living document. It should grow with your belly. As you attend appointments, research, and meet providers, you will add/or subtract items from it. Here are a few items you’ll want to address in your birth plan. The final version should be ready for distribution by week 36 of your pregnancy.

Storytime: I made my first and only birth plan in 2001. I was addicted to TLC. Back then it was really about learning stuff. Now, not so much. Anywho, I would spend all day watching episodes of A Baby Story and Birth Stories. I guess you could say those shows were the beginnings of my birth work. I learned about what I wanted and didn’t want to happen when I gave birth to my baby. Between those shows and the experiences I had with my two other babies, I was ready to take control. I eventually had a page explaining everything I wanted to happen while I was in labor and during the birth. EVER-REE-THANG!!

Look, ain’t nobody read that document, not even me. 

That was when I learned that the birth plan has to be short and sweet. It’s best to get all of your wishes on one page. Start with these areas below:

This is just a sliver of the decisions you will need to consider when planning your labor and subsequent birth. That is why it is important to start early and do your research. Assemble a birth team that supports your wishes and is willing to advocate if you are unable to do so. But advocacy is a conversation for another time.