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A recipe for thriving in multiple industries to deliver bespoke experiences | with Vinny Cuneo
September 29, 2023
In this week’s episode of the Hotel Moment podcast, Karen Stephens, Revinate CRO, and Vinny Cuneo, Vice President of Sales and Revenue Strategy at AutoCamp, dive into one of the hottest lodging trends: airstreams! Cueno details the steps to success for operating in both the hospitality and the outdoor industry and why departmental unity matters more than you think. Find out how to ensure your teams deliver consistent experiences, maximize guest preferences, and drive revenue.
In this episode of Hotel Moment, host Karen Stephens is joined by Vinny Cuneo, Vice President of Sales and Revenue Strategy at AutoCamp.

Join them as they:

Vinny Cuneo is a dynamic leader in revenue strategy, digital marketing, and sales. He is currently the Vice President of Sales and Revenue Strategy at AutoCamp, a modern hospitality experience helping to get people outdoors, and Field Station, a modern lodging brand for the active outdoor community. Vinny is further a member of Revinate’s Customer Advisory Board. Tune in to hear his expert wisdom!

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