Beyond Curious ™ (formerly 7-Figure Millennials)
#153: How To Unleash Your Genius Through Storytelling w/ Kyle Gray
September 19, 2023
Today I’m excited to introduce you to someone I’ve known for 7+ years… Kyle Gray. Kyle believes that part of his life’s work is to solve the “human resource crisis” — to help more people step into their genius and share their gifts with the world. The way he’s doing this? Storytelling. In this episode, you will learn: - The 3 lifecycle stages of stories: Discover the "too soon," "sweet spot," and "too old" phases and how to harness the energy of your stories for maximum impact. - How to craft powerful origin stories: Learn the 3-act play structure and how to infuse your stories with emotional depth to create human connections and build trust. - How to unleash your genius leveraging questions and effective stories. Also as a cool “Behind The Scenes” thing… Kyle jumped in and coached me on MY new origin story that I’m working on… You’ll get to hear Kyle’s process at work in real time… and I’m SO happy with the way things are heading! To learn more about Kyle, visit