Transform Your Podcast into Profit: The Anthony Nwaneri Business Blueprint aka The Get More Boss - S7E12 (#236)
Boss Uncaged
Transform Your Podcast into Profit: The Anthony Nwaneri Business Blueprint aka The Get More Boss - S7E12 (#236)
March 21, 2024
“shut out the noise. Family, friends, parents, girlfriend, Shut out the noise because everyone around you will have an agenda for you. They might have the best intentions, but it doesn't mean the path you're gonna go down is the best thing for you.” In Season 7, Episode 12 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant sits down with the Founder Of Anthony Nwaneri aka The Get More Boss
Anthony Nwaneri is the best selling author of the book Podcast Made Simple and the Co-host of 'Why Your Podcast Isn't Growing'.

After spending 3 years working hard on a degree that wasn’t taking him closer to a life he wanted, Anthony was determined to build a successful business in podcasting. Despite having zero experience in business or podcasting, he dropped out of college to go all in on a business. Fast forward to today, he's now a 2-time bestselling author and has generated multiple 6 figures with a coaching business, helping podcasters grow and monetize their shows as a young black British guy in his early 20s.

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Boss Uncaged Podcast (Live) Founder Of Anthony Nwaneri aka The Get More Boss

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Podcast Summary:

Welcome to another inspiring episode of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, where host S. A. Grant is joined by Anthony Nwaneri, the founder of and the "Get More Boss". Born in Nigeria with a drive to succeed, Anthony's journey is one of faith, perseverance, and strategic business acumen. Diving deep into the world of podcasting, Anthony shares valuable insights on the U.S., UK, and Australian markets—shaping the narrative that podcasting is indeed a universal language of connection.

In this episode, S7E12 (#236), we unpack Anthony's story from his early days without a strategic plan to his now-intentional approach to business. We hear compelling tales of Anthony's upbringing, his challenges in school, and the embarrassment that fueled his desire for success. Through his dedication and hard work, influences from family and faith, he has reshaped not only his life trajectory but also the outlook and growth for countless podcasters in search of increasing their listener base and ROI.

Learn about the turning points in Anthony's life, his advice to find one's unique path, and the pivotal role of mindset in becoming an exceptional content creator. Discover the books that have influenced Anthony's belief in action over mere intention, and join us as we delve into the strategy and unfair advantages needed in the competitive podcasting landscape.

A tale of transformation, this episode is not just about podcasting—it's a testament to the power of belief, the importance of support and mentorship, and the undeniable influence of an individual driven to inspire a generation.

Show Notes:

[00:00] - Introduction to the episode and guest Anthony Nwaneri, founder of

[03:25] - Learn about Anthony's client base in the US, UK, and Australia, and the nuances of podcasting in each region.

[07:10] - From no plan to strategic evolution—Anthony's business journey and the importance of intention in growth.

[12:45] - The impact of Anthony's prayer-led direction, discovering the law of attraction, and his consequential path to business success.

[15:35] - Anthony's upbringing and the power of parental belief and encouragement in shaping his attitude toward hard work and success.

[20:00] - How would Anthony's siblings describe him? Unveiling Anthony's core traits according to his closest family.

[25:00] - Anthony's educational struggles, parent-teacher meetings, and the advice he'd give his younger self.

[30:45] - The strong personal connection between host S. A. Grant and Anthony, and plans for future collaboration.

[34:50] - Insights into Anthony's background, his transition into podcast coaching, and the competitive landscape of podcasting.

[40:30] - Anthony's life lessons, the books that inspired him, and the recipe for taking action.

[45:15] - S. A. Grant's personal drive for legacy and content creation, and the shared strategy discussion with Anthony.

[50:25] - The partnership dynamics between Anthony and his business partner Ty, and the global brand influence discussion.

[55:55] - Anthony's vision for sharing knowledge and the moral behind the phrase "don't be a hoarded henry".

[1:01:10] - Conviction, direction, and the role of support and networking in Anthony's success trajectory.

[1:05:30] - A glimpse into Anthony's personal life, his relationship with Lachey, and the importance of commitment.

[1:10:05] - Closing thoughts, Anthony's contact information for podcast coaching, and his dream of conversing with Jesus for 24 hours.

[1:15:00] - Acknowledgements and end of the episode.

Contact Information:

- Reach out to Anthony Nwaneri for podcast growth strategies at

- Connect with the host, S. A. Grant, and stay tuned for more transformative stories on the Boss Uncaged Podcast.

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