A Future Without Karma: Collective Awakening & The Continuity of the Universe
World of Empowerment
A Future Without Karma: Collective Awakening & The Continuity of the Universe
February 17, 2024
This group Akashic Records session with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu is a treasure trove of deep discussions about our future without karma, our collective awakening & the continuity of the universe. Aingeal Rose & Ahonu explore the planes of spirit and the concept of Earth as a crucible for transformation, rather than a place of punishment. They tackle the power of prayer and its profound impact on souls across realms, and challenge conventional notions of the physical return of Jesus and the potential for Earth to evolve into a higher state of being. Guests ask about the deeper implications behind the recent event in Maui, steering us into a conversation about the significance of letting go of the past and creating a future based on the heart's wisdom. As we enter the age of Aquarius, Ahonu reflects on the transformative power of fire and the promise of new life that follows. Together, we plunge into the discussion of soul contracts, the enduring nature of creation, and our role as omnipotent creators within this ever-unfolding universe. Margaret offers an inspiring proposal for a group called Positive Start that is devoted to uplifting consciousness through positive narratives and weekly collective meditation. Strap in as we explore the infinite reach of our imaginations, the dimensions of awakening, and the universal nature of this evolutionary shift. This is an invitation to awaken to the infinite potential within each of us as we journey through another episode of the World of Empowerment Podcast.
00:00 Emerald green light, a beautiful healing color.
06:20 Alternate planes exist for spiritual reflection and reconciliation.
09:45 Earth may be seen as a hell.
10:55 Technology will evolve as consciousness expands.
15:55 Community rebuild creates new opportunity on Maui.
19:22 Pilgrimage to burial cairn reveals ancient curses.
22:32 No victims, everyone has a soul contract.
23:20 We shape our futures and have power.
27:29 Reincarnation on different planets is possible.
32:16 Universe is loving and inclusive, devoid of rejection.
35:17 Rosary helps focus attention, leads to meditation.
38:28 Questions seeking perspective on Earth's position.
41:25 Earth's position has shifted, aligning differently.
45:22 Being aware of our multidimensional power.
50:43 Focus on sharing happy stories for positivity.
52:08 Supportive global meditation proposed called Positive Start.

Questions to ask yourself after listening:

1. How do our personal belief systems influence the planes of existence we may find ourselves in after we transition from this life?
2. Aingeal Rose mentions that Earth could potentially shift to an ethereal state. What implications does this have for our current understanding of physical reality and spirituality?
3. Can you expand on the concept that prayers for souls are always heard and answered, but we shouldn't assume where a spirit has gone?
4. What lessons might humanity learn from the idea that reincarnation could evolve into obsolescence, and how does personal clearing play a role in this evolution?
5. How might the Lahaina fires offer a broader metaphorical message for the collective need to let go of old paradigms and embrace new beginnings?
6. The episode touches on the possibility of Earth shifting a few degrees in the galaxy. What could be the spiritual significance or consequences of such a shift?
7. Margaret proposes the creation of a positive storytelling group that ends with a meditation for sending love and healing. How might initiatives like this contribute to raising global consciousness?
8. The concept of "no victims" suggests that individuals have a soul contract and exercise power in their life choices. How does this perspective challenge or complement the traditional views of fate and destiny?
9. How does the idea that the universe is continuously created alter the way we perceive our reality and our role as creators within it?
10. As we transition into the Age of Aquarius and our mental abilities evolve, what are the practical steps we can take to develop and nurture skills like telepathy and conscious thought manifestation?