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113. MATTHEW ZANIS speaks on How Rehabilitation and Training for Performance are One in the Same
August 23, 2021
In this episode, you will learn: How Matthew incorporates movement for prevention with his Olympic and general clients.

IG: @rootedinmvmnt

Dr. Matthew Zanis, the owner of Rooted in MVMNT, is a human movement and vitality expert. Dr Zanis attained his bachelor's in athletic training from the University of Pittsburgh and a doctorate in physical therapy from Duke University. He is a strength and conditioning coach, orthopedic specialist, and fellowship-trained in manual therapy.

Dr. Matthew Zanis is from Phoenix, AZ and is a Doctor of Human Movement and an expert in human performance. 
He is the founder of Rooted in MVMNT, a company that helps athletes, coaches, and other rehabilitation providers build confidence and trust is their bodies and practices through the 5 pillars of movement, vitality, mindset, nutrition, and training. 
Dr. Zanis works with a broad demographic from Olympians to the highest branches of the military including Navy Special Warfare and everyone in between. 
His vision is to create an awareness of new ways of working with the human body in rehabilitation, performance, and coaching circles, and bring that alive through a philosophy that is rooted in movement.
IG: @rootedinmvmnt

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