Leadership in Manufacturing
E18 KPIs have not evolved, the way we use KPI's has evolved
August 17, 2021
What are KPIs and what do they mean and how can you use them to improve performance? First of all, KPIs are not targets to be hit, they help you identify areas where improvements need to be made so you can focus your efforts accordingly. In this episode, we have guest Jeff Smith, Motivational Speaker & Virtual Broadcaster on Advanced Leadership for KPI and Business Management at Jeff-Smith.com. Jeff Smith talks about how key performance indicators are not measuring people, they're measuring activities, and life is about cause and effect. If you don't like the effects in your life, you have to change the causes. He also explains the difference between baseline and benchmarking and how baseline gives us insights. "I don't think KPI has evolved. I think the way we use KPI has evolved that that's the thing. So they've always been there. We just make other people aware that they exist" Jeff Smith #mindtheinnovation #sannahvinding #podcast #innovation #unlockinnovation #keeplearning  #learnwithsannah #KPI #leadership #SannahUnlocksInnovation