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Banishing Burnout (Michelle Falzon)
July 6, 2022
Does your work bring you joy or endless to-do lists? Do your clients feel passionately inspired or overwhelmed and exhausted? Michelle Falzon shares her ideas for coaches and their clients to create their best work without burning out.
Michelle Falzon is the founder of strategic content marketing consultancy, We Are Content. She's also the creator of the Create Without Burnout framework, which shows coaches and their clients how “optimal creation” can be the key to not burning out.  

In this episode, Melinda and Michelle discuss how to joyfully create our lives and our businesses moment by moment. You can find the link to Michelle’s free download in the resources section below.

In this episode we discuss:

“We often can't see what's happening in the moment. But when you look back, you say, ‘Ah, I see a pattern, I see how something's happened’.”
– Michelle Falzon

Michelle Falzon has more than two decades experience in marketing and communications.
She has worked in most media from film, television and radio through to print, online, book publishing and events.
In addition to running her own ad agency and event promotion businesses, she's also created content marketing strategies for world renowned speakers, authors, consultants and businesses in a range of sectors, including, marketing, IT, finance, hospitality, education and personal development.
She is an in-demand content, course and product creator, having developed and created books and courses for well-known thought leaders that have generated in excess of $30 million and attracted tens of thousands of participants.
Michelle has sent over 150 million emails, produced more than 150 digital marketing funnels, attracted more than 100,000 people to live events and tens of thousands more into webinars, ebooks and online courses, generating more than $90 million in revenue across a variety of industries.
Michelle is the founder of strategic content marketing consultancy, We Are Content. She is also a sought-after workshop presenter and speaker; co-host of the Content Sells podcast and co-facilitator of the Her Business Marketing Success Mastermind.

Michelle is also the creator of the Create Without Burnout framework, which you can learn more about at: createwithoutburnout.com 

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
  1. Mirasee
  2. Coaches Console
  3. Michelle’s website
  4. Michelle’s LinkedIn
  5. Michelle’s free guide


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