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#185: From Homeless & Selling Watermelons → Becoming Knighted By The Royal Family of Spain & Committing To Raising $100M For Global Philanthropy Projects… w/ Sir Darren Jacklin
April 30, 2024
Today we have a first on the show… I get to introduce you to a knight! That’s right: Sir Darren Jacklin was “Knighted” by His Royal Highness of The Royal Family of Spain on Saturday, June 04, 2022 for his acknowledgment of Global Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship. As you read some of his accomplishments, there’s no question why he was considered for knighthood… Sir Darren: - Is committed to raising $100 million dollars for his global philanthropy projects - Is a world-class speaker & corporate trainer who has personally trained over 1 million people - Has rung the closing bell at Nasdaq 3 times in New York City - Has successfully summited the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro — the highest point in Africa at 19,340 feet - Is a multi-millionaire that has served for 10 years as the first Independent board of directors member of eXp World Holdings (Nasdaq: EXPI), a multi billion dollar international real estate company I could go on and on… But what was cool about spending time with Sir Darren was how open and honest he was about his mistakes and struggles on his journey. Despite all of his accomplishments, at one point, Sir Darren was homeless and selling watermelons off the side of the road just to get by. This is a can’t miss episode if you’re someone that wants to expand your mindset to think WAY bigger from a knight! To learn more about Sir Darren, visit