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Tap Into Your Feminine and Activate Your Full Potential
March 5, 2024
How do you activate your full potential in a highly masculinized world? If you're operating at less than your full potential, join us for a listen, and we'll give you some guidance on how to dance with all energies and create a more spicy, energizing, and joyous life.
What is the most important path to activate your full potential?
 I think a lot of people are frustrated. They know there's something more out there that they could be doing. They feel there is more they can be using from within themselves and putting it out there in the world. And they're stopped and they don't know why. They're living blind. They're not activating their full potential. 
What Prevents Us from Activating Our Full Potential
Asmaa: I knew that my whole life I was accessing one part of who I was because I didn't know better. It was my masculine energy and society told me that the masculine was the way to be, and this is the way to do it. I should go and hustle and do and have a structure and have goals in order to get to where you need to go and discount everything else because it was weak. That included connecting to my emotions or anything like that. From my own experience, that just got me into a certain place, but not to my full potential. How was your experience?
Laura: I can relate. I saw my mom and the teachings we got bringing up. Including, you can be anything you want. What do you want to be? You can do anything you want. What do you want to do? And it what was implied was all about striving and competing in a man's world. I had these great goals. I went to engineering school and got the good job and I was bankrupt. I felt like my soul was enslaved to the corporate god and this dream. And then I was given an opportunity to change when my whole life fell apart. It fell apart because I was so out of alignment and not really living my full potential and I had no idea. I wasn't saying that to myself. I was just energetically bankrupt. My energy was zapped, my relationships were stressful.  I was tenacious and determined to figure out how this is going to work even though I'm miserable. Because if I don't do this, I'm going to create another one that's just as miserable. But it all fell apart, luckily! Because then it allowed me to tap into my full potential.
When You’re Not Living Your Full Potential You Are Emotionally Bankrupt & Depleted
Asmaa: Yeah, it's quite interesting and I'm sure a lot of people have similar experiences. You use the word emotionally and energetically bankrupt. I felt depleted. The moment someone used that word that summed up the way I was feeling for the past two years (when I didn't have a word for it). I just knew that I was tired all the time, that what I was doing was just okay. I was not feeling fulfilled, and I was hard on myself, and I was judging myself, like, oh, why you're lazy? Why you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing? And it was just this very interesting conversation. The moment I heard the word depleted, it allowed me to go a little bit deeper. I asked myself what's underneath this feeling? It is a symptom of what? And it was through that exploration and introspection that I uncovered this huge part of me that I completely put on the side that I never activated, that I never realized it even existed, and it was my whole feminine energy.
It's Not Your Fault 
Yeah, I want to capitalize on that. It's not your fault you didn't know, right? It's not your fault you didn't know. There's a whole other side of you that wasn't involved with. We didn't know. We weren't brought up like that. We were brought up in this paradigm of, we have to go to school, get a good job, and work. And I had it all. I had a great guy, I had a good career, but I was unhappy, and I felt bad about it, and I was beating myself up about it. I asked myself why aren't I happy. I felt like it was all my fault. And when it all fell apart, luckily, like I said, like you did, there was nowhere to go. There was nowhere to blame and not even myself. But I was determined to figure out and really to explore new avenues of figuring it out. I realized figuring wasn't getting me anywhere, so I had to go to take an authentic approach (out of my head). I had to go into those emotions. I had to activate something new within me, a resilient place. This place it was way more vulnerable. I had to stop projecting and stop taking in the external world's guidelines and had to learn what was going on inside and how could that be useful to me in my life.
How To Take the Inward Journey To Activate Your Full Potential
It's a journey inward, but I couldn't have done it alone. I had to use other resources and find other people who were saying things that resonated, and I had to respond to it and watch how I responded, feel how I responded, and then see if that was going to help me.
Learn how to embody specific concepts like release control, surrender, and slowing down. Slowing down was a big one for me. Receiving was important too as I was always the one giving. I was always the one wanting to be in control because that was the only way I knew I could control my happiness, my success, and all of that. 
This shift can be scary, but at the same time so rewarding. To shift from masculine into feminine energy and you can play with it, because that's the beauty with the feminine is there's a lot of creativity and a lot of play, a lot of introspection in our discovery. When I made the shift I realized, oh my God, there’s a beautiful harmony. If we have both masculine and feminine energies, then we can access our full potential because then we will know when to lean into one energy versus the other, depending on the situation or where we want to be, who we want to be in the moment, where we want to get to. 
Shift When It’s Safe and You
Laura: Here's the scary word which I think will do a whole other show on surrender. And it's not scary to you anymore, but it can be scary to one thinking about surrendering. That makes me vulnerable. And I just want to make a note, a pin here about when can you go into that. Feminine is when you feel safe. Okay? If you're not in a safe emotional relationship with other people. That's why when I said I went and got other resources, like therapy in a safe space with somebody who had my privacy at the top of her list. When you're going to do that surrendering, make sure you are doing it in a safe place, physically and emotionally. And it takes a lot of courage to do that. This is not for the faint of heart. I mean, in terms of the feminine is no joke. This is stuff that takes courage, but it can be fun and it can be so rewarding. And what you said, I heard, I don't know if you said it this way, but I heard so rewarding, it's beautiful.
Asmaa: It's so beautiful. One of the key elements of masculine energy, when it's in its healthy state, brings and creates that safety. And it creates a beautiful structure that allows us to be creative. Because you cannot be creative without like already having some parameters. When we think about it, there is this beautiful healthy side of the feminine energy and a beautiful healthy side of the masculine energy. And when they're both activated, they can create wonders and truly activate their full potential. 
Aspects of Healthy Masculine Energy
There’s a significant element of honoring and protection. When the protection of the feminine is a priority that allows a woman in her feminine to relax and to feel safe, that is a healthy place
Laura: I remember when I was dating my now husband, we were at that point when you decide are we moving forward towards something more serious and permanent or where are we? I was in meditation, this voice came to me and asked me this question, “Can you trust him with your heart?” And the answer instantly was “Yes!” And I knew that was the question that had to be answered to know if I could thrive in my feminine in this relationship. 
We all have both masculine and feminine energies within us and we want to make sure our masculine is taking care of ourselves too, within our own being. I think there's a healthy masculine that's not beating yourself up. Rather, your masculine energy is taking care of your feminine too. When our internal masculine honors and trusts the feminine, it knows that you will your potential together.
Applying the Masculine and Feminine in Relationship
This applies with the external masculine. When you have a man in his masculine and a woman in her feminine, the man knows that the intentions, the direction, the intuition that is available to him through his feminine partner will be powerful combination. Although I’m talking masculine and feminine as it relates to  male and female, it doesn't really matter who is in their masculine or feminine. That's the paradigm I live in so it's easier to talk about. When the masculine trusts the feminine and can take direction from there and act to fulfill, they're going to get to a mutually beneficial place. It's a beautiful dance. It's a beautiful way of being together with an appreciation of each other's abilities. And it just can be so magical to reach new heights together because you're using the best of each other's energies.
In a romantic relationship that’s how the masculine and the feminine can truly shows up for each other. 
How To Recognize when You are In Your Healthy Masculine and Healthy feminine. 
Asmaa: And then there's that element that all of us, we do have masculine and feminine energy within us. As mentioned feeling safe is key. The masculine provides structure, respect, trust, and purpose. Purpose is one of the big elements of being in your masculine. And then there's that protection as well. 
When you are in the healthy feminine, there's that element of play and creativity. It's about connecting to your intuition. For example, when your intuition told you that can you trust him with your heart, you were connected to your heart. There’s a vibrancy emanating and being magnetic. Also there is receiving. And I think that was the big one for me. Because the masculine gives and the feminine receives. That's when I realized that I was in the masculine and I didn't know how to receive. It can be a scary shift but it’s another beautiful revelation.
Explore Your Feminine and Activate Your Full Potential
The moment that you realize that you have these two energies within yourself and you recognize when they are and they're healthy, that they are working for you and supporting you and supporting people around you, then you can create that beautiful dance that can help you activate your full potential for yourself, and also in your romantic partnership. 
We are having this conversation to awaken to their full potential by just activating those energies that have been dormant most of their lives.
Laura: I want to encourage everyone listening to explore that feminine slow down, do that advice that you said. If you're going a million miles an hour, you're not activating your full potential by any means. You are just getting stuff done, wearing yourself out, becoming depleted, and you'll not be able to activate. So sometimes you have to slow down to activate that full potential. 
Question: What can you say no to this week? How can you slow down so you can go faster?
Our invitation to you is to start exploring this feminine side. Chances are your masculine is thriving and then going really well. You’ve got that handled.
What can you say no to? And how can you slow down so you can go faster and just uncover what are the elements of the feminine that's already within you that you just want to activate more? And even in your romantic relationship, how can you be more in your feminine? 
Whether you're a man or woman doesn't matter to your gender. Like, how can I bring more play and creativity and sexuality right into this relationship? 

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