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68. Meet Craig de Gier: Owner of Prairie Cycling Development in Saskatchewan. Bringing all levels of cyclist together.
May 10, 2021
In this episode, you will learn: How Graig created the Prairie Cycling Development program in Saskatoon, which has allowed all levels of cyclists to learn, enjoy and progress in their abilities. It's about building community.
Craig de Gier is the Owner/Operator of Prairie Cycling Development.  


He has been involved with cycling for 22 years in various roles from athlete to event organizer to coach.  
Now residing in Saskatoon, SK, he is involved in many cycling activities with the Saskatchewan Cycling Association, and local clubs/trail associations. 
Craig is passionate about developing tiered programs to easily allow new participants into organized cycling, and the ability for all participants to progress through various levels of the sport as they desire. 


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