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{Ep. 83} Plot Marketing - Book Marketing tips with Emily Enger
February 22, 2023
Have you ever heard about plot marketing? This is a fun and innovative approach to book marketing that Emily Enger teaches to help make marketing less overwhelming and more fun!
In this episode:

Emily discusses the framework behind her Plot Marketing approach, which details how an author's marketing strategy should mimic the basic elements of a story's plot outline. It's a simple framework divided into four phases that are easy to remember. We cover each of these phases and the marketing elements within.

Emily Enger is a book marketing and publicity coach. She teaches poets, fiction, and creative nonfiction authors how to incorporate minimalist marketing strategies into their creative process so they become successful without feeling overwhelmed. Emily has worked in the marketing and PR field for over ten years. Her career boasts titles such as Assistant Editor for a national trade magazine company and Communications Director for a Minnesota arts nonprofit that serves nine rural counties and three Native American reservations. Visibility and creative networking were an early passion for Emily. Her first marketing job was at only 16 years old, when she convinced a small summer camp to give her a shot at their Communications Coordinator position. Emily holds a B.A. in English, a Minor in Music and a Certificate in Publishing from Minnesota State University-Moorhead. She is also a certified content marketer. Emily lives in the northwoods of Minnesota with her husband and two children. Learn more about her company at or follow her on Instagram at emilyengerwrites.

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