How to create a consistent message across all your content
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How to create a consistent message across all your content
July 23, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the one thing that will help you keep your message consistent across all your content.
In episode 160, I talked about how to create an endless stream of content for your startup. And on today's episode, we are going to talk about how to keep your messaging all consistent while you're creating this content. So, this was actually a question from one of my students in my VLO accelerator program where we help you skip investor funding for your startup. 

Well, one of my students asked me is, you know, how do I keep all my messaging consistent? And it's actually easier than it seems. So, it seems like people are having an issue on trying to figure out what they should talk about, etcetera while they're creating content and how they, you know, do they know that are creating this consistency that will lead them to the outcome that they want, right? 

So this consistency, this actually comes from knowing your core values. When you know your core values, all of your content will be based around these core values. So, when we're talking about creating an endless dream of content to create that consistency is when you are creating your content, you just think about what your values are. So for me, my values are brutal honesty. My team is my family. We build things and play. We are all about freedom. Were a very freedom-oriented, yo hago lo que me da la gana, right? And one shot, one kill, which means when we do something The first time we do it right, we do it with 100% full intention. And even if we fail, that's okay. But we know that we did it with complete intention. 

So these are our values, right? So whenever I'm creating content, I create content around these values. So if you've ever heard any of my stories, it probably relates is something with these values on how I've maybe had to deal with liars and politicians. So that goes along with brutal honesty. Or maybe I've talked about an interview scenario where I'm interviewing new staff and people are unwilling to be completely honest with me and how this has made me feel and why I didn't hire them. And the list can go on in terms of just speaking about that core value. Right? So the same thing about teams, family, I have lots of content on how we as a team, support each other. 

And, you know, my vision for how HR should work. How your team should operate together is just based on this core value. And I can come up with an unlimited amount of content just based on this value alone and then the next value, build things and play. You know, this is where all the experimentation comes into play. I can talk about all the things that we've tried in our business, what has worked, what hasn't worked, what we've learned, how we're experimenting, how we're creating. And just these stories alone are based around this core value that we have. And we can also come up with an endless stream of content here. 

So you kind of get the point. The point is when we are thinking about our values, then all of our messaging becomes consistent because it always goes back to these core values. So if you go listen to each one of my episodes and you think about what value I'm just playing, there's some kind of value in there, even if the value is hidden. And as I'm saying this, I'm actually trying to think about what the core value is for this message. And I guess it could be several, right? 

One, this content is based on questions that are from my community. So my community is like my family, so team his family, right? And then even the way that I'm answering this and I'm telling you like what my thought processes, This is part of me being brutally honest and sharing my brutal honesty with you. Mhm. And then let's see build things and play. I'm not really sure if it fits into that bucket. Freedom. Yes, it definitely fits into the freedom bucket because I am showing you how to shortcut systems so you're not paralyzed by inaction by thinking of how to create this consistent message. I'm giving you the formula, you use your core values to guide you and this will shortcut your time, which means you will get more freedom out of it. And I'm all about that and I'm pretty sure you're all about that too. 

And the final one is one shot, one kill. Which yeah, I just gave you a really solid methodology on how you can maintain this content consistency. You do it by letting your values guide what kind of content you will create. And not only for your content but also for your decision-making, right? As humans, sometimes we are prone to lapses in judgment, but as long as we stick true to our values, we will always make the right decisions for us. It might not be the right decision for other people, but at least in terms of raw values is the right decision for us. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam amount. 

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