How to be Free
What if your constraints could support your creativity?
November 5, 2021
Some people can't face public speaking, while others dread writing something as simple as a LinkedIn profile. Veteran TV producer, showrunner, writer, and mentor Al Magee explains how putting love in your heart can help. You'll also get practical tips on how to ease the nerves around critical business emails -- and how to face any empty page with just a little more freedom.
Al Magee is a producer, showrunner, writer, and mentor with over 30 years of experience in all genres, in both scripted and documentary content, including Trailer Park Boys, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Republic of Doyle, and Designer Guys, to name just a very few.  
He has over 50 feature film credits to his name, writing and story editing for some of Canada’s best-known filmmakers.
He also has multiple honors for mentoring emerging talent, designing and delivering hundreds of writing and production workshops, and has served as the Professional In Residence at the Canadian Film Centre for over 25 years.