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E15: Arkadiko Exploited, Megapont NFT, Next CityCoin, Bitcoin vs ETH Debate, First DEX on Stacks - This Week in Stacks November 3rd, 2021
November 4, 2021
Another hyperspeed week in Stacks, and this is all going on while the core devs are hard at work behind the scenes on Stacks 2.05 which should bring huge improvements to congestion. What is talked about today: [0:00] Intro [0:41] Arkadiko Exploited [2:36] Bitcoin vs Eth Debate on "What is sound money" [3:40] First DEX on Stacks goes Live (StackSwap) [4:32] Halloween NFT Competition Winners Announced [5:26] Megapont goes absolutely ape s%it [7:18] Arties Test Mint [7:41] Sigle's Explorer Guild NFT [8:30] NFT Marketplace battle heats up [10:07] Next CityCoin Announced