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Kathleen Ashford and Inn Thrall
August 26, 2022
In a secluded part of Pennsylvania, there is a kinky paradise that is ready for every dream to come true. The aptly named InnThrall is the result of many year's of Kathleen's effort to make an oasis for lovers of all kinds, and she visits with us to talk about her dream coming to life on the show.
Kathleen Ashford, once upon a time in a land far away, known as Lady Aurora, has gone from professional Showgirl to Lingerie and Fetishwear store Proprietrix and Professional Dominatrix to become the InnKeeper of InnThrall - Your Kinky B&B. 

She has created a kinky paradise where her Guests can explore their desires for erotic adventure in a safe and sex-positive space. 

She has consulted for multiple seasons for a prime time TV show on BDSM Psychology and ambiguous wounds and now coaches couples in Kink and communication. 

Having more than 25 years deeply involved in kink and sex-positivity, she brings her passion in all that she does for people growing, and having FUN while exploring their sexuality and kinks