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#24: How RoofSimple Grew From $600K → $10M in 4.5 yrs By “Playing With Friction”, Focusing on Simplicity, & Leveraging “Review Velocity” w/ Mark McShurley
April 6, 2021
In 4.5 years, Mark McShurley took his roofing repair company from $600K → $10M. His secret sauce? Simplicity + intense focus on customer satisfaction. Right now his company has 278 ratings on Google with a 5-star total rating. Not 4.7. Not 4.9. 5 stars. In this episode, you will learn: 1. Why it’s easier to run a $10M business than a $3M business... 2. How “playing with friction” could be the key to growing YOUR company 3. How Mark recovered from spiraling into debt with a 4th child on the way and having a panic attack that sent him to the hospital... to explosive growth Give it a listen!