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Build intelligent operations and let data drive direct bookings | with Patrick Norton
November 8, 2023
In this week’s episode of the Hotel Moment podcast, Karen Stephens, Revinate CRO, and Patrick Norton, VP of Sales and Marketing at Brittain Resorts & Hotels, discuss how building guest profiles is a journey — a journey hoteliers need to take if they want to reduce their reliance on OTAs and stay competitive. Norton also champions data-driven tech stacks, explaining why they not only prevent hoteliers from falling behind the competition but serve to support a more productive staff. Tune in to discover some key truths about what it takes to position your hotel as a data-driven property, and why learning as much as possible about your guests is foundational to increasing direct bookings.
In this episode of Hotel Moment, host Karen Stephens is joined by Patrick Norton, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Brittain Resorts and Hotels.

Join them as they:

Patrick Norton is a highly experienced hospitality professional, having checked into the industry at age fifteen. As the current Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Brittain Resorts and Hotels, his main focus areas are business and market development, market research and planning, and conceptualizing and implementing marketing sales and strategies for the company.

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