Make the impossible possible
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Make the impossible possible
February 19, 2021
In this episode we talk about how visionaries approach problems.
One of the laziest things you can do is say something is impossible. Saying something is impossible means you've already given up. You're not even going to try saying something impossible means you don't have any imagination, and you can't think of any other solution than what's already given to you. 

Saying something impossible means you are okay with the status quo and you don't look for any kind of improvement on anything, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. The other way to think about things is to say, How could I make this possible? And you can start coming up with the most ridiculous ideas to make it possible. But it really flexes your imagination skills and lets you actually come across some solutions that you probably wouldn't have even thought of. 

So saying something is impossible. You give up on that thought process right away. But if you have a little thought, experiment, and play with the idea in your head and think about okay, how can I make this possible? How could I live forever? How could I survive without ever eating food or drinking water? How could I get get huge muscles without working out and other people might say that sounds impossible. 

But the dreamers, the innovators, the visionaries will ask themselves, How could I make that possible? What if it were possible? What would that look like? And then they start to reverse, engineering it, and that's a beautiful thing. I'll see you guys in the next episode. 

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