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Passport Lifestyle with Therese Lafleche
February 15, 2021
Love to travel? Curious about other countries language and culture? This one is for you!

Therese Lafleche is a Travel/Expat consultant, Language, and Cultural retreat. She has been traveling and moving by choice since the age of 17. 

Therese is the Founder of Passport Lifestyles, she has a vision of bringing cultures together through language and travel. She believes that travel is the best education one can get and is the perfect way to enhance personal growth.

She offers cultural retreats to get the full experience as a local would and language retreats to give you the most efficient way of learning a language while immersed in its culture.

Sounds exciting? Yes, it is! Join us as we discussed traveling and some places you'll be curious about!

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Book recommended: The Go-Giver by Bob Burg

It's Monday! And we should start the week happy!

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