So Crisp with Jay Crisp Crow
What’s Content & Community Got To Do With Superannuation? | with Branka Injac Misic
March 11, 2021
Have you ever looked, critically, at the industry you’re in and thought “this whole shebang needs a massive, fat, juicy shake up”? Most of us have. In fact, most of us are in business because we’ve seen a gap, and we think do you know what? I reckon I could fill that gap, or do a better job, or just I see a small proportion of the clients and customers who use that particular thing and I don’t think they’re being served the way they could be. So, we start something. Usually, it’s a small something. Not small for us, but in the grand scheme of things, not like INDUSTRY SHAKING either. Just our corner of the world… jiggling a bit. Not Branka Injac Misic. Branka set her sights on the Superannuation industry. Can you imagine? And then proceeded to launch something a little left of centre, something that had never really been done before. Can you imagine that? Something that had never really been done before, in a world where there are no original ideas, where everything's been done before, in some fashion. And really, how quirky can superannuation get? Well, this is a little bit of that story. And a little bit of just how different one idea can be.
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