352: State of the World
World of Empowerment
352: State of the World
March 20, 2021
The state of the world is a question asked and answered by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu in this 13-min episode of the World of Empowerment podcast.

Aingeal Rose and Ahonu went into the Akashic Records to ask some important questions about the state of the world.

Aingeal Rose: Well, when we said the prayer to open the records, the first thing I saw was the world still filled with Emerald green light. This light is an Earth healing color. We’re immersed in it, so healing is occurring on the Earth and it’s continuing. We’re not out of the woods yet, but it’s happening.

Ahonu: Even though we’re in Spring, it feels as if it’s the autumn time, or the fall. Things are dying. As you know, Autumn fruit will fall from the trees, leaves turn brown and fall off, and vegetables come to the end of their growing season. Things are dying. All traditional societies and cultures have celebrated that time of the year, knowing winter is approaching and that meant they would let the soil rest and they would rest and recover and recuperate. That’s what this is. Many people need this rest. We need this recovery period.

And then, knowing the springtime of the year is coming, we look forward to life coming back into the soil; the buds opening on the trees, flowers blooming, fruits flourishing, and vegetables growing again. From an Earth perspective, that is still ahead of us and there is renewal yet to happen.

But right now we’re dying. We’re in the death phase. And that’s what’s causing depression, illness, sickness, upset, lack of satisfaction, lack of cohesion, distortion and lies. This is all part of the death process. That’s what’s going on.

Aingeal Rose: The death process is underway. Things aren’t like they used to be. And I don’t think they ever will be again. In California, after a metaphysical winter that lasted a whole year, stores are open again, restaurants are open, indoor dining is open and many people are enjoying the outdoors, on hikes, in parks and beaches. It’s a relief. After being shut up for a year, people are letting themselves out. Most people are hesitant, but I feel a growing positive energy, like the way you feel when spring comes after a long winter, that things are going to be opening up and becoming more positive. I feel that.

We will still see some chaos here and there, and Earth changes, but it doesn’t feel as intense as it did before. We have the green light still here, and that’s healing. For us too, waves of depression come along spontaneously; you might wake up one morning and you’re in a funk or you’re just plain depressed, and the entire day is gloomy, and other days it’s fine. Many people have expressed that as well.

Source is telling me that when things are dying off, there’s grief attached to them, even if the changes end up positive. It’s letting go and we are letting go of an old world, that’s for sure. The waves of depression are the uncertainty about what’s next. You can have a loss of identity because things are changing in so many ways. You can have periods where you just don’t know who you are anymore.

Ahonu: The dying process, like the autumn of the year, is contributing to the sense of chaos because we know it’s springtime and yet there’s fall. There’s two things going on and it’s very hard to figure out which is which, and it’s causing confusion because when it’s gloomy, it’s really gloomy, and when it’s bright, it’s bright. The confusion can lead to depression, too, because there’s no foresight, insight, vision because of the loss of expectation for a better future.

Aingeal Rose: We must transform. Think of the different ways we have to do everything now. It isn’t just careers and work and having to shift the way we do business in this world, it’s also the way you do yourself, it’s habits you have that no longer serve you. I know I’ve had to change some habits that I’ve had for 40-odd years, but I wasn’t ready until now. There’s something about this energy that made me ready. There are positives. The light that’s coming has power. It is positive.

There’s confusion attached to change. There’s loss of a sense of who you are. It causes depression trying to continue to do things the way you we always did. The world is demanding transformation. This is the biggest thing people are going through.

We’ve had to listen to higher meditations or go to Source deliberately to maintain some sort of higher perspective, which is why we go in and we check because people are experiencing this. I’ve had some clients feel completely hopeless right now, feeling a loss for any sort of positive sense about the future. And yet, the positive waves (when they come in) are really strong. We’re not out of the woods yet. There’s still a lot more transformation to happen. It’s the death of the old paradigm that we’ve been living in. The demand for a new paradigm is high.

Ahonu: We know you can’t solve the problem from the level of the problem. It’s a good thing and a necessary thing to go above in order to solve the issue that we’re facing right now. So, don’t be afraid to look to your higher self, or a higher power, or look to that aspect of creation that made everything.

Source asked us to go to our higher selves. Trying to solve the problems all on our own by ourselves, right here at the level of where the problem is - that’s contributing to the depression. When we feel we’re making no progress, and nothing’s happening, there’s no satisfaction, then there’s only confusion and chaos. But when you relinquish that and trust in a higher power and trust in your God/Source, then it allows the transformation to be purposeful, and to be embedded, and ingested in a more powerful way and in a very trusting and loving way.

Aingeal Rose: We are moving into a paradigm that is more love-based, that is more surrender to your higher self based. And certainly it’s more loving. It’s more loving in the way we are with ourselves, and in the way we are towards others. It’s demanding that we move into a greater place of love and acceptance. Emerald green is such a healing light. Anybody who has done Reiki in the past will know that its predominant energy is Emerald green or violet, and its color is a healing current. It encourages us to surrender to the love of our universe, sustaining all life. If we could only get our heads out of the way and remember to surrender to it - this is the best advice for today. It is all about moving into a higher place of love.

We need to listen to it and practice it, and surrender, and trust that the outcome is always good.

Thank you. Blessings from Aingeal Rose & Ahonu.