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Digital Entrepreneur Liz Holland Talks about Sensory Product Design
February 3, 2024
In this episode of "Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast," host Phil Better engages in an insightful conversation with digital entrepreneur and CEO Liz Holland. Join them as they delve into the world of sensory product design, focusing on Liz's creation of the innovative Cozy💤 blanket. Liz shares her personal journey, from her own sensory processing challenges to the meticulous design process that led to the creation of a practical and comforting solution. Discover how Liz's entrepreneurial spirit and vision for global impact drive her to provide tools for managing the nervous system and returning to the center in challenging times. Get inspired by Liz's resilience, vision, and dedication to promoting awareness and action related to sensory processing challenges. Dive into this episode for a refreshing take on entrepreneurship, product design, and the power of investing in oneself.
In this episode of "Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast," guest Liz Holland shares her journey as a sensory product designer and CEO, unveiling the inspiration behind her innovative Cozy-zzz product.

What led Liz to create the Cozy-zzz, and how does her personal experience influence her product innovation? Listen to Liz Holland explain her vision for helping individuals find peace and comfort through her sensory products.

Discover Liz's future plans for creating solutions to sensory processing challenges and promoting awareness regarding the nervous system. Plus, hear her inspiring advice for young entrepreneurs looking to navigate the world of business.

Please tune in to hear Liz Holland's powerful message of resilience and self-belief, and don't forget to visit to learn more about her work and mission. 

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Here is a short bio about our Guest, Liz Holland:

Liz Holland inherited the entrepreneurial gene from her inventor father, who held over 100 patents. As a young woman, she observed her father's work and learned about engineering and automatic warehousing systems. Unfortunately, her father passed away when she was only 20, leaving her to navigate the professional world on her own. Frustrated with the leadership of other companies, Liz decided to take matters into her own hands and became a successful CEO herself. Her determination and inherited genes have led her to create a name for herself in the business world.


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