Ball is Bae NBA Podcast
Of Melodrama, Cringerama and Wembanyama
October 17, 2022
In this episode of the highly corrected #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the scrimmage melodrama in Golden State, we talk about the accusations of cringe in Abu Dhabi, and we talk about the generational talent dribbling the ball in France. We continue with our conspiracy theories, this time with Steve Kerr and Lebron joining the fray. Please subscribe to the pod for weekly shows during the season.
(00:00) - Start
(00:17) - Real Start
(00:42) - In the association this week
(00:58) - Intro for Vineet
(01:29) - Vineet's association with color
(02:57) - Draymond Greene - Jordan Poole incident
(12:11) - Bronny James inks his deal with Nike
(13:37) - A story of high politics from Ashwin's college
(17:03) - The curious case of Steve Kerr
(21:14) - Ashwin's statements about fan comments around Ranveer Singh
(26:01) - Vineet's statements about fan comments around Ranveer Singh
(31:36) - How to deal with non-fans of the NBA?
(33:17) - When fans took over NBA India Games 2019
(35:27) - Could someone be a better ambassador?
(37:11) - We talk about the Redeem Team documentary
(42:35) - Victor Wembanyama
(46:19) - Would Victor go above Lebron if re-drafted today?