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MCS 65: The Armed Woman
November 3, 2015
Tips, Tricks & Tactics For Real-World Violence!

From stalkers, rapists, home-invaders, and even scorned ex-husbands and boyfriends, women are prime targets for violent crime.

Maybe that's why women are the fastest growing segment of our responsibly-armed community, eh?

While women are most-often disadvantaged by size, strength, and sheer power in a physical attack, a firearm can be "the great equalizer" that can keep them safe.

But only if they're well-trained - and that's where this week's guest, Susan Carrichner Rexrode comes in...


Here's what you'll find in this week's episode...

Susan didn't hold anything back and you'll be doing a LOT of note-taking in this one!

Very empowering advice for women (AND a few good men!)