Go Global Eastern Europe
How to do business with big cultural differences? Guest: Kasia Richter
June 10, 2021
Katarzyna Richter is a cross-cultural psychologist with vast experience in Middle Eastern cultures. In this episode: 1. We discussed the importance of cultural differences in business 2. How to learn different culture fast 3. Thoughts on stereotypes 4. Example of UAE as a country with a culture different to Eastern Europe.
Going global means meeting other cultures. There are significant differences in how to do business in the US and, for example, in UAE. See what we’ve learned from an interview with cross-cultural psychologist Katarzyna Richter, who lived in middle-eastern countries for 10 years. 

Example of United Arab Emirates:

Different cultures — the basics:

Culture is like an iceberg. What we experience (cuisine, fashion, way of life) is only a surface. To understand a culture, you have to understand WHY. Why do they dress like that? Why do they eat that kind of food? Etc.

To avoid bad decisions, you have to watch out for stereotypes. Fighting them requires conscious effort. 

How to learn about other culture fast:

Last but not least, be cautious with humor, because it’s the most difficult thing to translate into other cultures. What is considered funny in Eastern Europe can be an offense in Dubai.