Do it yourself or hire an expert?
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Do it yourself or hire an expert?
May 12, 2021
In this episode, we talk about achieving impossible-seeming feats with the help of experts.
In the last episode, I talked about my experience working with a swim coach and it actually reminded me of this experience where I observed a friend sit in an ice bath and let me give you a little bit more context. So we are at the beach in Tulum and there's this guy that has this ice bath contraption on the patio of this one restaurant and the water inside, it was super cold, it was 1°C, right, a little bit above freezing. 

And what he does is he teaches people how to sit in this ice bath. And this was really interesting because if you put your hand in an ice bath, I mean it's super cold, I couldn't imagine putting my entire body in that ice bath. And if you think about this, as soon as you put your body in there, it's 1°C, you were putting your body through shock and through a lot of pain. Like that is actual pain, it's painful and you're feeling this pain all throughout your entire body.

But what this guy does, however, is he teaches you how to separate your subconscious mind from your conscious mind. So you're not feeling the pain and you are super calm the entire time. And I'm watching my friend jump, get into the ice bath and there's a method or a methodology and how they do this and the way that they did this is she doesn't go into the ice pack directly just in one go. She's getting coached all on the way. And I think the coaching is what took her to the next level. The coaching was what allowed her to be able to accomplish this feat, which she probably couldn't do on her own. I know I wouldn't be able to do it on my own. I don't think I would be able to do it on my own, even though I know exactly how the entire coaching session went. 

I still believe that it would be in my best interest to actually hire someone to walk me through this because this is something that I've never done before. I'm going to feel a lot of pain and I want to have the advice and experience of someone that knows what they're doing. So this is how they did it, this breathing coach, I'm not really sure what to call them ice bath coach, breathing coach, but we'll just say coach, his coach tells my friend, my friend's name is Yasmina, she's doing this ice bath, it's her very first time and she was actually in there for five minutes and the way they did it is he first told her to put your hands in the water. 

So I guess that's like getting a little comfortable with the water and then put your hands in your face and then in between these hands and face in the water moments they will do a lot of breathing exercises. So this breathing exercise is teaching you to disconnect your conscious mind from your subconscious mind, focus on your breathing instead of focusing on any reality that might be present for you such as pain. So they're doing these breathing exercises, taking really deep breaths and exhaling very slowly, really deep breaths, exhaling very slowly, more deep breaths, exhaling very slowly. 

And as you're doing this he says okay now it's time to go in the water. So she puts herself in the water, she gets in and to my surprise, she's not shivering at all. There's like no shivering, she's still breathing and she's focusing on the breathing and she's focusing on listening to this coach that's walking her through this entire situation. Then she sits herself in the water and the entire time she's not shivering, she's not mentally breaking. She's listening to the coach and the coach is walking her through this feat that for me it looks impossible because I cannot stand the cold and being five minutes in an ice bath, one degree Celsius where you've never done that before. Like kudos to Yasmina for doing that. That's something that I want to try. But I haven't built up the courage yet. We'll see and I'll fill you in how that experience goes. 

But the interesting part was this is such a painful event. It's such a feat, that seems impossible. But because she had this coach to walk her through exactly how to do it, she was able to do it without any problems. Now, imagine if you ask me that, I just saw this on Youtube and decided that she's going to teach herself to do it and even though I saw how it was done, I'm still not fully confident that I'll be able to do it by myself. 

So if you ask me and I actually went out and she just saw this on Youtube, she prepares an ice bath, she would probably be setting herself up for failure. She's like getting all the pieces right, but she doesn't have the mindset and she doesn't have the skill set and that skill set comes from this evaluation that this coach is offering because this coach has seen other people do this before, he knows what people are going through, he knows how to take people out of this kind of feeling and he's done it for himself as well and he's able to take this person from being able to not even comprehend this feat to actually accomplishing it. 

And by the end of the five minutes, she asked me and I was actually like pretty crazy. She wanted to stay in there a little bit longer and she asked if she could dump her whole head in there. So she was in their shoulder um length deep like deep all the way up into your shoulders, but her head wasn't in there. And the coach was like no you're that's like a way advanced move, you're not ready for this because there's a lot of things you have to do after, right? So after getting out of the ice bath which is probably not covered in some of these YouTube videos is the recovery portion and the recovery portion, she had to go out onto the beach and do like these small micro-movements to try to get the blood to flow back into her limbs etcetera. And doing it in the wrong way could lead to a little bit of danger. But it's lucky that she had this coach to help her through with this. 

So I think I will definitely try this ice bad thing next time, I'm not gonna try it on my own. I'll try it with the coach. The point of this episode is really to understand that there's all these different, impossible-seeming things that are out there that you can do. Someone else has done it before. And all you have to do is get a hold of this person, hire them to help you with your situation and you will be able to accomplish this in ways where other people are setting themselves up for failure. But you are setting yourself up for success. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom, Bam. I'm out.

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