Sit, Breathe, Bow
Rev. Liên Shutt
May 25, 2021
When you’re living the precepts, when you’re living according to your values, then meditation becomes much easier because the precepts are the foundation for what it means to do the work of meditation.
Rev. Liên Shutt was born into a Buddhist family in Vietnam and began her meditation practice in the Insight tradition. In 1998, she helped create Buddhists of Color, one of the early meditation groups committed to supporting practitioners of color San Francisco Bay area. Liên began her formal monastic training in 2002 at Tassajara Zen Monastery and continued her monastic training in Japan and Vietnam. While she has placed her trust and faith in Soto Zen, Liên continues to enjoy the deep silence of Insight practices and has completed retreats in the U.S. and Thailand. She received dharma transmission from Zenkei Blanche Hartman in 2013.

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