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How WePlay Esports got global PR coverage? Guest: Alena Dalskaya-Latosiewicz
June 25, 2021
Alena Dalskya works as a PR expert at WePlay Esports. In this episode we discussed: 1. Thoughts about Esports being such a big deal nowadays 2. How to achieve global coverage with PR 3. Importance of an interesting story to share 4. Tips for companies starting with PR
Alena Dalskya and the company she works for went global thanks to hard work and smart PR campaigns. She shared some PR lessons for starting companies:

1) Are Marketing and PR the same?

They both use similar tools, but have different goals.

Does it mean that PR and Marketing should fight over the resources? 


Competition between PR and marketing is wrong. They should complement each other. 

Marketing + PR = communication. 

PR needs more investment, but it works better in the long term, building a reputation.
The advantage of PR is that advertising has more power when the media does it for you. 

2) Basic steps to start PR at your company:

3) How to achieve global reach using PR?