Dating Kinky
Sometimes (most of the time, actually) it IS all about you.
July 28, 2021
My writings when you read them are all about you.
Right now it is. I’m writing to YOU. 

Sure, sometimes I write about me and my experiences. I try to make that clear, by saying “me” and “I” a lot. 

Sometimes, I write about others and their shitty behavior, but even then, I’m not writing to them. I’m writing to you. 

My writings when you read them are all about you. 

And so is your life. All about you, that is. 

Which, in one sense is the only way it can be. After all, everything that happens to you happens to you from your perspective. 

Deep, huh? 

Stay with me, LOL! 

When I write, I often get asked, “How do I get ____ to stop doing/being this way?” 

I’d like to share something I found on social media: 

> You don’t ‘make’ someone stop treating you badly. You walk out of their lives and stay out of their lives, and VOILA...the bad treatment stops. —CICI B. 

Which is MOSTLY true. 

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