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Social Media Tightrope (Bob Minhas)
January 19, 2022
Do you need social media for your business? Do your clients? How do you know if it's effective or problematic? Business Coach Bob Minhas shares expert advice on walking the social media tightrope as he and Melinda answer these questions and much more.
There is a precarious line between using social media as a cooperative marketing tool for your business and using it as a source of personal validation and fulfillment. That line can be difficult to navigate if we are not taking stock and being completely honest about our use of social media. Business Coach Bob Minhas talks candidly about his own struggles with social media addiction and how he helps clients (and himself) identify issues and get the most out of using social media as a tool - or not at all. 

In this episode, Melinda and Bob guide coaches through auditing social media habits, giving valuable tips to the healthy and effective use of any platform. When we learn to manage the use of social media in our own business and personal lives, we can help our clients reap the benefits of this handy tool while avoiding potential pitfalls.

In this episode we discuss:

“When you're building a business, the fundamental core of your business is really about who it is that you're trying to serve, and social media is not the only way to reach those people.”

“When you have a curated, crafted plan, it allows you to avoid the black hole, the sinkhole, the idea that you need to be on there all the time.” 
– Bob Minhas

Guest Bio:  Bob Minhas started his entrepreneurial career by building a quarter-million dollar tech business with no advertising and gaining celebrity status with his HGTV Canada appearances. Now Bob helps entrepreneurs and business owners level up their revenue, reputation and success with his unique approach of combined intuition and business sensibility. He was recruited for his entrepreneurial spirit and effectiveness skills by Canadian regional government small business development offices.

A proud father to three future leaders, Bob loves nerding out over new discoveries in neurodiversity and mental health in entrepreneurship.

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