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#82: 7FM Time Machine #6: Get The Best Wisdom From 5+ Hours Of Interviews In 30 Minutes or Less... w/ Carl Honoré, Christine McKay, Mike Domitrz, Vinnie Fisher, and Jason Campbell
May 17, 2022
Want the best wisdom from 5+ hours of interviews in 30 minutes? That’s exactly what we’re doing in today’s episode! We pulled 5 clips from past episodes that highlight incredible wisdom… and created an entire episode out of it! You’ll get wisdom from: - A best-selling author who is well-known as the Godfather of the “Slow Movement” - An expert negotiator who has worked with much of the Fortune 500 - A speaker who stayed extremely in demand, even when the whole world went virtual - A CEO with over 20 years of experience and who has grown and scaled several 8-figure companies - A master of music and zen… who is also a 7th degree black belt AND… All of this is done in 20 minutes & 27 seconds! Enjoy! - Guests highlighted in this episode include: #29: “The Godfather of The Slow Movement”, International Bestselling Author, and Main Stage TED Speaker Carl Honoré Teaches Us About The Power Of SLOW… #32: From Homeless → Harvard, 2.4 BILLION Dollar Deals, & Negotiating With Nearly Half Of The Fortune 500 w/ Christine McKay #68: Get The TOP Secrets From A 30-Year PROVEN System To Create Impact As A Speaker w/ Speaking Legend Mike Domitrz #55: Growing FOUR Companies To 8 Figures, Insights From Hiring 2,000+ People, & Unlocking Your "CEOs Mindset" w/ Vinnie Fisher #47: 7th Degree Black Belt, #1 Billboard Artist, & Zen Master Jason Campbell on How YOU Can Reverse Aging, Solve Emotional Problems With Breathwork, & Reduce Stress (w/ LIVE Piano Demonstration!)