5 Ways to Have a Safety Side Gig
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
5 Ways to Have a Safety Side Gig
May 8, 2023
In this episode, Sheldon give you 5 ways to get a side gig in safety and health. Working on the side is where you do another job in addition to your current job. Most side gigs in safety leads to someone starting thier own safety consulting business. Here are 5 ways to get started: Upworks gig worker, safety consulting match making companies, host your own webinars, do you own weekend live classes, and start a podcast with sponsors.
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[00:00:10] Sheldon Primus: Welcome to the Safety Consultant podcast. I'm your host, Sheldon Primus. The podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. We talk about OSHA compliance stuff, talk about general safety and health to show you ways to get your business going. We do a whole bunch of things.  
All right, you come on, we will come on together. Music wise, if you guys didn’t know, I haven't said this in a while, the music that you hear in the show, it's actually all mine. I have been doing music production for a while. If you go to Disctopia, that’s how they do it right, Disctopia. Look for primetimeshel, primetimeshel. That's all I could think of. You know, you do it, you try to figure out your own DJ name. What DJ name would you come up with? I came up with primetimeshel. 
In my younger days, I used to have a few other DJ names when I was producing. Go find that stuff. Internet it’s- yeah, but I actually do enjoy music. So the music you hear on the show is actually me. It's, uh, it's my stuff. And so in Disctopia you just, uh, go to disctopia.com, you look up, uh, primetimeshel and, uh, you'll actually see me with the tables and everything. Literally. I, I had the turntables. I don't know about the new stuff. Yeah, I haven't tried it but I'm, I'm getting ready to, to go ahead and, and maybe get a nice little electronic set that could travel with me on the RV, and uh, and get back into spinning. That's uh, where we call the DJs when you're actually doing the work, not producing the music. So I might get back into that. There you go. That's a little known things from Sheldon. So yay, now you guys know a little bit more, yay.  
Oh, thanks everyone for listening. You in the US. You are on the list of listeners, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia. And uh this is a tiered list at chartable.com looking at the list from the show. And so it's showing me uh numbers of people listening and where you're from. Saudi Arabia. Thank you. Great, Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia, India, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Bosnia, Chile, South Africa, Zambia, Bahamas. Awesome, thank you. China, Ireland, Mexico, Uganda and Argentina. So I'm glad that you guys are listening that I'm bringing value to you.  
And um honestly, if you want to reach out to the show and tell me a little bit more about yourself, then just go to safetyconsultantpodcast.com, so safetyconsultantpodcast.com, and when you get there, uh you're actually gonna end up looking for, there's a microphone that is on the screen. So above the name where you see uh all the things that uh they, they call you that they're basically um icons and these icons are links to different uh parts that where I have the show uh broadcast, if you would. So the icon has an email icon, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, uh finding the show on Youtube, Linkedin, uh Patreon. And then the RSS feed is there and then the actual website which were, you know, you're on there. But then right next to it is a little icon of a microphone and that is to you, for you to record a message to the show. So once you hit that little icon, it's gonna take you to uh where you can record a message to the show and you just hit, push the little button. And uh if you're ready to talk because you only get 30 seconds, so tell me a little bit about yourself in 30 seconds. Think of this as your elevator pitch. That's one of the things you're gonna end up needing to know anyway, especially if you're starting your business going out to um chamber of commerce meetings or something similar at those things, you're gonna end up having to um shake hands or eat breakfast with everybody, and then you're gonna have like a little circle gathering where everyone is going to tell a little bit about themselves or even right where they are. So they'll ask you to give me your one minute elevator pitch. So now I'm telling you to even cut it to 30 seconds. And now if you could do that, then the one minute is gonna give you double the time. So we're gonna hone your skills by hitting the icon, the mic icon on safetyconsultantpodcast.com, so safetyconsultantpodcast.com, look for the microphone on the top of the page, far, right icon and it's a picture of a mic. So then you can just select that, say hi to me, let me hear your voice. That'll be awesome. So thank you, everybody from wherever you are from listening to the show, uh you completely rock. I am happy that you come along.  
Uh Those of you that are listening in and also on safety consultant TV. Cool. What's up y'all? So safetyconsultant.tv. Now that is where you'll see some videos, sometimes I post videos of shows when I have some guests. Sometimes there's videos of stuff that I don't wanna repeat. So I wanna make sure that it's up for people to see things and you could download templates and everything else. So it's safetyconsultant.tv and you can also find it in your app store. So, in whatever app you're gonna app store you have, I'm an Android guy, so I gotta go to Google Play and type in safety consultant TV, you'll see the app there. Uh you people from the evil Empire, No, I won't say that. That's always- my kids love Apple and all, all things Apple so I always make fun that they're on the evil empire and we've got the, you know, the Android side, but you guys just go to your app store, your uh Apple store and go ahead and look up safety consultant TV. That's the app, you'll see it and from there you can sign up.  
All right. So here is what I am looking to tell you today. We are going to end up talking about how you could actually start making some, some money and doing it in such a way that uh you're going to do this safety job as a side gig. You know, safety job as a side gig. Everybody's been wanting to do that and I'm gonna give you five ways of doing that, coming up right after this.  
Alright. So, five ways to have a safety side gig, you know, on the side. So your bosses can't uh find out what you're doing to get your business going a little bit more. Uh So, first I'm gonna remind you that I always say get your business started like, like right now. The reason why is because you need the the year born on date is like, uh well, we're thinking of this, you want that born on date for your company to actually be where it is gonna age your company every year. Even if you can't do anything with it yet, you want to get this thing aged. So if you start in 2023 then if you're ready in three years to actually be a consultant, you would have already had three years that your business is in the books. So even though you're starting right then, three years from now, but your business will be showing that it's been in existence that long. Uh So, uh it's a way to, you know, get your, your foot in the door very easily and you're gonna do it where, you know, if you grow real quick, you would already have a business in place and you don't have to worry about that. So it's gonna help you, future You is gonna like this uh decision.  
All right. So here are five ways that you could start right now before you have your business, to help you get it going. So number one, you can use a service such as Upworks, it used to be Elance, it's called Upworks now. And I actually uh use them from time to time, I got some really good jobs with uh doing that. Um There's many things out there, there's some things that will be specialist in safety. There's some things that you may have some other specialties in that, uh, maybe you could produce music and you could find something on there that, you know, was music production. All right. Why not do that too? Because the name of the game is also to support yourself, right? That's why you're, that's the other part of working for yourself is to feel like, hey, I can support myself. So if I come by something, an other gig job then do it. Uh But while you're there, if you find a safety thing and you do that by keywords and you make sure that um you check your email because you got a email notification that there's a job available, then you now have to uh, apply if you would, for this job, uh by, uh beating other people out. So your resume is gonna have to start um get it developed enough. And the bio, you're gonna need a bio too. Uh One of my early, early episodes, I talked about how to develop a bio. Yeah, you probably, maybe episode 11, something similar to that. Uh So it's early in there. So we're in what two something now. So if you want to figure that one out to go ahead and search through some of the uh the archives and you could definitely get some help on that one. But a bio or resume, get that um profile up from whatever it takes to be on Upworks.com. And then at that point, just keep an eye out for, for gigs that they're gonna meet your keyword. So maybe it's a written program, someone needs help with, uh someone sometimes may need help um reviewing some courses, so you could look for that type of work. So there's, there's some stuff to do there. So that we're gonna consider number one.  
So number two yellowbird, yellowbird, which is goyellowbird.com. I have uh just loved my conversation with them before they keep getting all kinds of awards. Uh Just you know, Michael and Michelle, uh they are really good people. So go to goyellowbird.com, tell them Sheldon Primus sent you and honestly, they will take care of you. What they're gonna do is they're a um a match making company if you would. So they're matching clients to consultants. And so what they have is a network of clients and the network of consultants, so when the clients need something done, uh they can arrange the right consultant for their need. A specialist. It's the best way for them to do it, and the only way that it is feasible is for them to have um consultants with many varied experiences. So I may not be able to do something that is power generation and distribution, that's not my specialty, but there may be someone else in their network that, that is their specialty. Uh, so I got a guy named Scott that I, you know, hey, Scott, I saw something in this audit. I know it looks shabby to me electrically. Uh, I need your, your keen eye. So he, he will take over and, uh, and we'll work together on the, the client's needs. So don't fake that stuff. Make sure that you get someone who's qualified. So that's what uh yellowbird does. They make sure that you could get qualified people. So, um, yeah, I'm gonna put the stuff in the show notes too. So just in case you forget anything, I'm updating my show notes right now. So I'm gonna put this in there. So you'll be able to uh get your, your direct link going straight to them. 
Alright, number three out of our list is gonna be host your own weekend classes. I used to do this all the time. Uh So I would go over to uh a local maybe chamber of commerce, see if they had a training room, a library, sometimes we'll have training rooms or conference rooms. Uh So what you would do is you literally um reach out to their audience. Uh I would do it by email, make my own flyer, and in some cases if I was at a uh an event and especially if I was speaking at the event, I'll have flyers in the back and literally just start hosting my own events on the weekends. So now I tell, you know, what they do and what I do on the weekend, that's me. So that's my consideration. Yeah, I wasn't taking any clients because at the time I wasn't working in a field of safety. Uh If you are someone who is um the safety consultant in a firm and now you're gonna do uh things that could possibly take away clients from your own firm, now, at that point, you're gonna have to really figure out, um, if there's a non-compete in some legal stuff, so I'll put that disclaimer in there. But if you do not have anything that is um a conflict of interest and honestly, you could do your own class, you know, whatever your specialty training is, do a class there or if you want to do some sort of, um some sort of, I would say a class would work. I was trying to think of something clever but it wasn't coming. Um It looks usually like if you're gonna host an event, uh it's probably gonna be something related to training, even if it was some sort of demonstration, uh it's gonna end up being some sort of training um function. So go ahead and host your own. If you can make it for continuing education, that'll be now a way for people to really want to come and take your, your event because at that point they're thinking, oh yeah, I'm gonna uh have a time to do some event and I'll be able to have my CEUs, so that's a, a good thing to do.  
So let's go to number four. So hopefully you’re getting something out of this. I hope that this gives you the ideas that you need to see if you can get your safety career going as a side gig. Uh use your company, so your company now is gonna start getting uh some work uh throughout the time from when you're part time to when you go full time. In my career, I uh got the business started in 2008 and then 2012, I went full time. And so that's how uh that's the time frame with me. So in this time frame, this is some stuff that I was having to do uh at the time Upworks was Elance. So I've been with, with that system for a while. So this is stuff that I'm doing that, I'm telling you guys. So after weekend classes or days off, if you want to actually take days off, I've done that too. And then at that time, you're hosting your own class. If you have the know how and the technology to do your own webinar, why not do that? Uh There's systems where you could purchase uh webinar uh technology and you could now host your own webinar. And the reason you would do this is first, you could do it as a free thing so you could promote an event or you could do it as a paid webinar and you could host your own paid webinar. So at this point, you'll have to do a service that would use that. Um I do have the ability to host some people as a, a sub in, in one of my accounts. So I could set up a sub account. So you reach out to me and my email so you can get uh we could talk. So that would be sheldon@sheldonprimus.com. So if you want to host your own webinars, uh what that would be is you hosting a webinar, you could do it for a fee and then uh you would at that time also be able to promote any of your other services. So you're self-sponsored, if you would. So you're gonna sponsor your own webinar. And at that point, you could do your promotion for some either event or service. But so that now is gonna help you grow your business at the same time as promote your business uh with something that you could have that will keep going. This is the one webinar, it's gonna be recorded all that's how the systems work. So people who have paid for the webinar could go and see the re broadcast of it any time. So at that point, you have another product that you could use later on, especially if you get a collection of these. So at this point, you could have an offline collection of webinars that you could use for promotion of your business and getting some extra money. And that's why we get side gigs, right? Because we need some extra money. So this is using safety, your safety knowledge and experience as a side gig to get the extra money.  
And the last thing is you could host your own podcast. I know I'm self funded because I uh you guys don't hear commercials much except every now and then, uh those are usually things that I want to promote, that is regarding things that I do. Uh So that, you know what stuff's coming up for me, but then sometimes I've uh post uh did a couple of commercials that were not me. But with um commercials, now on your podcast, your side gig now is you actually selling ads. There's a formula to it, it's listenership and everything else, so it's not as easy as I'm saying, there's some, you know, nuance to it. You're gonna have to learn the game. Uh However, uh what you can do though is when you do get to the point where you're ready to, um to get some ads, you know, there's some services for that too. So you can actually um you have a service where you could sell your podcast almost like a, a click, paper click almost, it's a system too. So, uh, that's another thing that we'll have to, you know, go over. If you want some help, I could host some podcasts, but obviously with the audience my size, I can't host everybody, I haven't got that kind of service. But, uh, for those of you that are interested and you're right now in the seeking phase of what service do you want to uh purchase, then, uh go ahead and use that same email sheldon@sheldonprimus.com and then I'll be able to help you out.  
Alright, so this is the five things as a review. So we gotta make sure we get this review in. So five, these five things as a review, for your safety side gig. Upworks.com, goyellowbird.com, you could host your own weekend class or take, take days off, uh you could do your own webinar after hours. So again, you're making extra money and that's why you get side gigs, and then host your own webinar or excuse me, podcast and get some sponsors. So if you're in a truly in a phase where you're about to do this and you're, you've got action behind you and then reach out to me, sheldon@sheldonprimus.com, uh I'll be able to help you with at least a podcast service, I have a sub account for that. We can talk details on that one, and then also uh with webinar hosting, those are two things I could, I could have sub accounts for and uh we'll work something out as far as if there's any, you know, payment. And so that's the stuff that I'll, I'll do. sheldon@sheldonprimus.com. Thank you everybody for listening. Go get ‘em. 
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