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344. Talking About Non-Binary Athletes & Gravel Events. How the Category is Growing | Sam Hansen
August 31, 2023
Super excited to have Sam on the podcast explaining the new changes in the cycling world for non-binary folks. How the category is being embraced and is growing within the Gravel World of events.
Sam Hansen is a non-binary cyclist, Math & Stats Librarian, and podcaster from Southeast Michigan. 
They started racing in 2014, but it was not until 2021 at Vet's Park CX in Ann Arbor that they were able to race for the first time as their full and authentic self. 
They haven't stopped since with podium finishes at Midsouth, the Queen's Stage Race at Rebecca's Private Idaho, Gravel Worlds, Unbound, Barry Roubaix, Michigan State CX Championships, USA CX Nationals, and a number of other local and regional races. 
Sam also works very hard to increase inclusivity within the cycling community, working with a number of race promoters to introduce non-binary and gender-expansive categories. 
When they are not riding their bike you will find Sam hard at work supporting the research and pedagogical aims of the mathematics and statistics departments at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor as their librarian. 
They have also produced a number of different mathematics podcasts over the years, including Relatively Prime: Stories from the Mathematical Domain.

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