Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Jean Bardot: The SuperModel/SuperDomme
December 14, 2021
She is a Supermodel. SuperActress, and SuperDomme, and a legend in the fetish world. Minneapolis based Dominatrix Jean Bardot joins the show to discuss how this legend came to be, her career, and what lies ahead for this amazing woman in a chat with HiThereCatsuit
Jean Bardot is a legendary fetish model, performer and actress, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   Jean Bardot first became part of the fetish world in the 90’s when she was a student at MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art & Design).  Jean, along with friends and colleagues, started a weekly fetish party called Bondage a Go-Go at Ground Zero in Minneapolis and Mistress Jean was born at that time. In the 2000’s, Jean became internationally famous, having developed and starred as the character “Rubberella” in dozens of full length fetish films.  Jean’s efforts in these films and others helped to pave the way for not only her career, but also for an entire industry of latex fetish, fashion and domination.  As a fetish supermodel, Jean has been featured in all of the contemporary fetish publications, and as a performer, she has graced kink’s biggest stages, headlining all the major kink and fetish events.      As Mistress Jean Bardot, she is also a very well known professional dominatrix, making dreams come true in her well-appointed Minneapolis dungeon.  Her dungeon is multi-level, with several themed rooms to satisfy different kinds of fantasies.  Over the years, Jean has also amassed a world class collection of latex fashion, gear and toys, that she regularly puts to use in the dungeon, on the stage and in front of the camera.  More recently, Jean has also become a fetish and kink educator, teaching online, in person in Minneapolis, and also on YouTube, where the Jean Bardot Show is hosted.